International Students

We have a thriving International student community at our school. We offer various exciting opportunities for foreign students to come to study. Some of the reasons that we are unique include:

  • Trained and professional Aberhart staff meet with each new international student and family to discuss classes and student needs
  • International students are greeted by Student-Ambassadors who help new International students find their classes, meet their teachers, and learn about the school
  • Classes at Aberhart are built around the needs of the students and are constantly being reviewed and evaluated
  • We offer a wide variety of ESL classes
  • Many of our International students train in speed-skating at the Olympic Oval at the University of Calgary for part of the day
  • Many of our International students join our world-renowned Band program and have the opportunity to compete in many Music competitions throughout the school year
  • International students at Aberhart are encouraged and supported to join teams and get involved in school-life
  • International students at Aberhart are taken on several outings throughout the school year such as Calgary ice walks, Calgary Corn Maze, Glenbow Museum
  • International students at Aberhart have a teacher-coordinator who stays in touch with overseas-parents, meets with guardians regularly, communicates student needs to other teachers in the building and encourages and helps International students get involved in Sports and Clubs at school
  • William Aberhart is conveniently located close to a major C-Train public transportation station and thus accessible from all over the city of Calgary
  • William Aberhart is walking distance from the University of Calgary

For more information on our International Student program at William Aberhart, contact Elaine Lou at

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