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Honouring the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (Orange Shirt Day)
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Fun Lunches & Snack Days
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Engage on Draft K-6 Social Studies Curriculum
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Meet The Teacher
  • Honouring the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (Orange Shirt Day)

  • Fun Lunches & Snack Days

  • Engage on Draft K-6 Social Studies Curriculum

  • Meet The Teacher

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Principal's Message

Welcome Back

August 31, 2023
Dear Parents & Guardians,
Welcome to the 2023 – 2024 school year at William D. Pratt School.  We are excited to see all of our students' faces – returning and new!  Please read the following carefully as there are a number of new things happening at Pratt.
1.     NEW – Cell Phone Policy
We will be taking a measured approach with cell phone use beginning with “away for the day". 
William D. Pratt recognizes that personal digital devices can be used to support and enhance student learning.  In order to optimize student learning, students will be required to leave their personal devices in their lockers during instructional time unless given direct permission from their teacher for a particular activity and will return cell phones to their lockers before going to next class.  When students have been permitted to have their device in the classroom, they are expected to demonstrate digital citizenship by not engaging in distracting activities such as texting, playing games, or using social media during class time.  Students unable to follow the digital citizenship policy will be unable to use their device in the classroom.
Should parents/guardians or students need to contact each other during school hours, students need to come to the office to use a school phone.  Parents/guardians are asked to refrain from calling or texting their child during school hours.
2.     Teachers and Staff are most likely to communicate with you through our email program called School Messenger.  In order to receive these, you must first “Subscribe".  You can do that here:
3.     School hours are 8:00 am – 2:30 pm Monday through Thursday, with early dismissal at 12:00 noon on Fridays.  Students are not to be in the building before 7:45 unless they are under the direct supervision of a teacher. (Athletics, clubs, etc.).  There is a reminder bell at 7:58 then classes begin at 8:00 am and students should be in their classrooms ready to learn.  Lunch is from 11:44am – 12:25 pm for all students.  Classes start at 12:25 – students should be in their classroom by this time.
4.     Office hours are 7:30 am – 3:30 pm Monday through Thursday.  The office closes at 1:00 pm on Fridays.
5.     Parking Lot – The parking lot is for the use of WDP staff members only.             DO NOT USE THE PARKING LOT FOR PICKING UP OR DROPPING OFF STUDENTS.
6.    Noon Supervision is a registered program for students in Grades 5 and 6 who stay for lunch.  Those students are required to have a Noon Supervision Registration Contract completed.  You can do this on your MyCBE account.  All Grade 5 and 6 children staying for lunch must be registered.
7.     Currently Southland Transportation is responsible for the daily transportation service for those students who live outside of the walk zone.  Please call Southland Transportation at 403-205-6688 if you have any issues with the bus or the driver.  Behaviour issues will be dealt with at the school once the bus driver has submitted a conduct report to the office.
As we begin this school year, our transportation service providers are facing a qualified bus driver shortage. This means there is an increased chance of delays in scheduled pick-up or drop-off times. Please make sure your family is prepared if there are delays on the route in the event their bus is delayed or canceled on short notice.  Please be assured our transportation service providers are continuing to recruit and train drivers. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
8.     Sign up for the MYBUSSTOP app – visit  You will need the 2023-2024 school code CBESCI1H1W   Users can access MyBusStop online or on an iOs or Android device; the app is free of charge for all users who are registered for school bus transportation through the CBE.  We count on your participation to ensure that we can continue to offer this valuable service.  Please note that transportation delays are first updated on the app, even before the school is aware.
9.     Absences – Please call our attendance line, before 8:00 am, to report your child/ren's late or absence - 403-817-3520, press 1.  Please do NOT email the office or your child's teachers – those emails are not checked in a timely manner and may result in you getting a phone call.  The most reliable way to advise us of your child's absence is by leaving a message on the attendance line.  Please speak clearly and spell your child's last name.  Calls home to Grade 5/6 parents will be made as soon as possible after attendance is complete, to those who are Absent – Unexcused.  All parents/guardians of students who are marked Late Unexcused or Absent Unexcused will have a School Messenger call/email sent to them.    
10.  Attendance Policy – Please read and review the attached letter regarding the William D. Pratt Attendance Policy.Signing In and Out – If your child/ren need to leave school during the day, please ring the front doorbell and let the office staff know your child/ren's names and they will call your child/ren down.  Your child can only be released to a Parent/Guardian.  If your child/ren comes to school following an appointment they must sign in at the office.  It is not necessary to sign them out if you are picking them up at the end of the day. Telephone Courtesy – Please DO NOT call the school and ask to speak to your child or pass on a message.  Students are on a rotating schedule and intercom announcement and calls to classrooms are disruptive to all.  The office is extremely busy and we will not promise that your child will receive any messages.  Please inform your child of any changes to regular plans before they come to school in the morning. Valuables - The school is not responsible for any lost or stolen money or articles.  Please leave valuables at home.  Vacations/Family Holidays – We know that family holidays can be a terrific learning time for students.  We also know that being out of the classroom means a lot of lost instructional time for students.  Please be aware that it is not the responsibility of the school, or of the Calgary Board of Education, to provide activities, books or unit lessons.
An Extended Absence Notice form is available at the office.  Parents are expected to complete the form and return it to the school prior to students leaving on vacation.
 Appropriate Dress
Students are expected to dress in a manner that reflects a welcoming, inclusive, safe and caring learning environment. Student's dress at school should be comfortable and suitable for a wide range of learning activities.
Just as there is a mode of dress that is suited to office work, sports activities, or various social or formal functions, there is also a mode of dress suited to classroom learning.  Certain clothing is inappropriate for school.  Students are not permitted to wear clothes that are discriminatory or depict violence, profanity, hateful, or pornographic images or sentiments, or drug, tobacco, and alcohol use. If a student comes to school in questionable or offensive attire, the student will be requested to change or cover up.
 Students should arrive no earlier than 7:45 am and no later than 7:55 am at their designated door.
GRADEDESCRIPTION5East Entrance next to the baseball diamond6Main Entrance7West side of the school.  Located off Royal Birkdale Dr. NW8South West corner of the school, on the school compound9North side of the school – east of the main entranceCSSI ClassMain Entrance 
Students will need a backpack to bring essential items to school, including a ready to eat lunch and a labelled water bottle.  We do not have microwaves or hot water available.
Lunch Expectations:
Grade 5 and 6 students will eat in their classroom with a Lunch Supervisor.
Grade 7 – 9 students are encouraged to go home for lunch as much as possible.  Those who remain at school will have their lunch break in the Student Gathering Area, after which they will be dismissed to go outside for the remaining time in the lunch hour.  If your child/ren go home for lunch they must remain outside with the other students until it is time to enter the building.
Vending Machines are currently available.  Otherwise, students must bring a ready to eat lunch.  We cannot supply utensils. 
Pre-arranged Meeting and Pick Up Area
Please share your goodbyes on the periphery of the school grounds and ensure that your child/ren know where you will be after school.
Health and Safety
Sanitizing stations are available at every door and students are encouraged to use it.
Please do not send your children to school if they are unwell.            
Contacting Teachers:Throughout the year, it is important to maintain contact with your child/ren's teachers.  This is most easily done through email.  This will allow the teachers to prepare information and you their undivided attention.  If you have difficulty communicating with your child/ren's teachers, or do not receive a timely response, please contact the main office for assistance.
You will find these forms on your MyCBE/PowerSchool account.  They need to be completed and submitted as soon as possible:
·       Demographic Verification Form
·       Annual Authorization Form  
Other forms are attached and will need to be printed and returned. 
Student Health Plans – If your child has a severe medical condition or allergy that WDP staff need to be aware of, please complete the Student Health Plan and return it with a photo of the child.  You can access it here:
VOLUNTEER POLICE CLEARANCES – The Calgary Police Service has made changes to the Volunteer Clearance.
1.      The Annual Volunteer Registration Form is valid for the current school year only.  It must be completed every year for each school where your child/ren attend.
Applicants must have lived in Canada for at least a year and be a resident of Calgary ALL clearances must be done onlineThere is now a charge of $21.25 which will be paid by the applicantIn order to be added to the William D. Pratt School Volunteer Database, the volunteer must bring their ePIC letter to the school.Applicants will now only have 60 days to download the clearance letters.  If this is not done with 60 days, the applicant will have to reapply
Important Upcoming Dates:
September 4 – Labour Day – No School
September 20 – School Council/Fundraising Meeting – 6 pm in the Staff Room – ALL are welcome
September 21 – Photo Day
September 21 – Meet the Teacher – this is an informal time – no bookings are necessary
September 22 – Non Instructional Day – No School
Janice Luchenski                    David Fettes
Principal                                  Assistant Principal
t | 403-817-3520                     t | 403-817-3520
e |      e |

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