​​​​​Volunteer with Us

​We welcome volunteers in the classroom, on field trips and with certain tasks at school or at home. Certain activities or field trips would not be possible without the active participation of our volunteers. Contact us about ways you can volunteer with our school.​

​(Please note, guest speakers or visitors to the school, and parents/guardians assisting their own child only are not considered to be volunteers and do not require a police information check.) 

Volunteer Security Clearance Process 

​Step 1: Prospective volunteers must first  register as a volunteer at the school office where you plan on volunteering. School administrators will verify your identity and register you in the CBE volunteer database. The school office will provide you with a letter enabling you to obtain a police information check from the Calgary Police Service (CPS). 

Please note, prospective volunteers must reside in Canada for a full year before registering. Police clearances from countries other than Canada are not accepted. 

Step 2: Visit the CPS online system, electronic Police Information Check (ePIC), to obtain your police check using your CBE volunteer letter. 

If you are unable to complete the process online, you may visit a police information check location instead. 

Step 3: Once you have received your clearance document from CPS you will need to share it with the school in-person or by email.


Your security clearance is valid for five years and the cost is $21.25 ($15.00 for police clearance and 5.95+GST service fee) which is charged during the online ePIC application. This fee is not covered by the CBE. 

Volunteering for an Off-Site Activity

If you want to volunteer for an off-site activity, please keep in mind: 

  • Volunteers on an activity are considered representatives of the Calgary Board of Education and are subject to the same expectations as staff
  • Volunteers are subject to the requirements of CBE Administrative Regulation 5003 – Volunteers, which includes an application and a police security screening check
  • Volunteers are covered by the CBE’s liability insurance policy while performing their assigned duties
  • Volunteers are covered by WCB while performing their duties
  • Volunteers receive direction from and are accountable to the teacher-in-charge​​​


Get Involved and volunteer for the 2023 - 24 year!

Scheduled volunteers are welcome back to the classroom. Say I DO to our students and volunteer with one of our many initiatives! There is no shortage of ways to get involved! It is critical that each of us give some of our time and talent to the school – it really does make the difference for our students’
educational experience. Please visit our Sign-Up Genius site to let us know which committee or project you are interested in or willing to help out with – an individual committee representative will get back to you with specifics! We appreciate our commitment to our students and our school!

Kindergarten Volunteers

Scheduled volunteers are greatly appreciated for classroom activities, field trips, school events, etc. Regular classroom volunteering will be on a sign-up basis and initiated by the classroom teacher.  All volunteers must also complete a Police Security Clearance in advance, government identification is required and this process can take several weeks to complete. The required form can be downloaded from our website but you’ll need to visit the office to start and complete the process. Even if you are unsure if you will be volunteering, it is a good idea to have the security clearance done in case an unexpected need arises.  Please note that volunteers must maintain student confidentially at all times and siblings are not permitted to attend. We suggest you start the process next week, as the turn-around time now is short compared to September when it may take two months!

Volunteer Opportunities at Our School

Class Representative

Class Representatives play a vital role in our school, acting as the central contact person for each class. Class Reps facilitate communication between the teacher and the students and families and are responsible for sending out communications from the school to all families in the class. If you are interested in being a Class Rep, please contact your child’s teacher

William Reid Oktoberfest 

The William Reid Fundraising Society has two primary fundraisers which happen in alternating years. William Reid Oktoberfest is one of them. Funds from this event enable our students to enjoy a vast array of activities ranging from art to sport to dance. The committee needs members as well as volunteers for silent auction items, and the event. The other fundraising event is a Casino, which comes every 18 months. 

Grounds Committee / Naturalization Area

Naturalized Area Committee is requesting volunteers to join in the maintenance of the nature garden of the school. Did you know that the CBE does not maintain any of this landscaped area? We rely solely on parent volunteers to prune, water and maintain this area. If you have an interest in learning about gardening or are already keen, please join us and spend some time outdoors. Many hands make light work! If you can help, please connect with our School Council. 

Special Lunch 

William Reid offers a special lunch option for students once a month. If this is a go we will need of a new coordinator,   It is a minimal time commitment, including coordinating volunteers via Signup Genius and the Class Reps, meeting the vendors and helping parent volunteers on special lunch days. Parents can also help during the lunch hour in their child’s classroom on special lunch days. We would like for this program to continue once the restrictions allow it so if you are interested please contact School Council at wrchair@gmail.com.

EvenStart Christmas Hampers

Every year, William Reid students and their families 'adopt' families in need through the support of the charity, Evenstart, in their endeavor to help families in need within the Calgary Area. If you are interested in helping out on the Evenstart committee please contact the School Council at  wrchair@gmail.com.


William Reid School hosts an annual Carnaval D’Hiver. It is a fun, family-oriented week, with activities and events happening throughout the week in and out of the classroom. This year we are looking for new Chairs to head our Carnaval committee, as well as additional volunteers to help. The more volunteers we have, the less the work load will be. For more information, please contact School Council at wrchair@gmail.com.

Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Every year the parents host a luncheon to show our appreciation for our fantastic school staff. A small committee organizes the event but all parents are asked to contribute a dish or contribute to an individually packaged meal. Class Reps help to organize who will bring what for the big day. If you are interested in helping out on the Luncheon committee please contact School Council at wrchair@gmail.com.

Thank you to all parents who are able to volunteer for these events. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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