Our Staff

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Who are the Staff at Hull School?

We are very fortunate to have staff with many different educational backgrounds and expertise.

  • Teachers
  • Principal
  • Assistant Principal
  • Director 
  • Coordinators
  • School Transition Counselors
  • Educational Child & Youth Care Counselors

The Human Service Field includes post-secondary programs such as Psychology, Counseling, Social Work, Child & Youth Care, Rehabilitation, and Justice.

Please direct any inquiries or communication to Administration, Teachers, or Student Transition Counsellors.


PrincipalMichael McMahon
Assistant PrincipalLeanne Murphy
Program DirectorDenise Manderson
Program CoordinatorDerek Bohn
Program CoordinatorAidan Quigley
Level III Ed CYCCNick Wiebe
Level III Ed CYCCBri Hodkinson

Administration Support

Record SecretaryKinsey Loewen
Business ManagerSue Kupper


Room 1Name & Email
TeacherNia Meier
Ed CYCCJustine Wheatcroft
Ed CYCCMadisen Bruce
Student Transition CounsellorAshley Ashton

Room 2Name & Email
TeacherRachel Loach
Ed CYCCChelcie Clark
Ed CYCCTerence Wong
School Transition CounsellorAshley Ashton

Room 3Name & Email
TeacherMichelle Flemming
Ed CYCCChris Tuma
Ed CYCCKayley Kearney
School Transition Counsellor
Joel Pippus

Room 4Name & Email
TeacherZoe Miller
Ed CYCCPaige McDowell
Ed CYCCDaniel May
School Transition CounsellorJoel Pippus

Room 5Name & Email
TeacherKrista Shepherd
Ed CYCCLaurel Taylor
Ed CYCCJessica Kondratoff
Nicole Van Nostrand
Ed CYCCTaylor Dueck
School Transition Counsellor
Bri Hodkinson

Room 7Name & Email
Teacher Sarah McCarty
Katherine Kennedy
Ed CYCCJoel Sleno
Justin Aubie
School Transition CounsellorBri Hodkinson

Room 14Name & Email
TeacherNada ElRafih
Ed CYCCHarrison Stech
Ed CYCCSharleen Charan
Ed CYCCFaizal Lalani
School Transition CounsellorCydnie Lukowich

Room 15Name & Email
TeacherSuzanne Ranni
Ed CYCCTrevor O'neil
Ed CYCCKristian Sell
Ed CYCCJanet Argueta
Ed CYCCAlicia Anderson
School Transition CounsellorCydnie Lukowich


Position/DepartmentName & Email
Ed CYCC, DramaJackie Steele
Learning Leader/Teacher - LiteracyErin McAlister
Learning Leader/TeacherMaya Blomme
Learning Leader/TeacherKrista Shepherd
Teacher, Phys Ed Jim Thorne
Teacher, Fine ArtsBev Hollenbeck
Teacher, Music/DramaAndy Stefanato
Teacher, Outdoor EdAaron Simms
Industrial Arts Instructor, Wood Shop/GreenhouseVaden Somers
Work Experience Counsellor, Work ExperienceEmily Seymour-Shepherd
Library-Media Tech/Learning CommonsPatty Cumming
Teacher, Independent Living SkillsChristina Gibson

Off-Site - Hull Star Programs

AcadiaName & Email
TeacherChristine Tse
Ed CYCCMegan Beeler
Ed CYCCMaria Osiowy
School Transition CounsellorAshley Ashton

Sherwood (STAR)Name & Email
TeacherZabin Hennessy
Dean Coopsammy
Josephine Mathias
Ed CYCCWhitney Rivest
Ed CYCCErica McCutcheon
Ed CYCCMarcel Desrosiers
School Transition Counsellor
Joel Pippus
Central Memorial (STAR)Name & Email
TeacherMartina Kasumovich
TeacherJen Bhanji
Carla Walquist
Ed CYCCCrystal Ball
Ed CYCCJodi McGraw
School Transition CounsellorCydnie Lukowich
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Students worked with braiding the sweetgrass to collaborate on an art installation to commemorate the tragedy in Kamloops. It will be taken to Kamloops to put up in front of the residential school .. (the Buffalo). @hullcalgary @WeAreCBE @Indigenous_cbe https://t.co/5EpXxJjuhp

RT @CBELanguages: Splendid vist @HullSchool @yyCBEdu . The new crosswalk painted by the students looks great! The results of thework in the garden by the students of teacher A. Simms and Educational Child and Youth Care Counsellors V. Somers and J. Maddigan Wood are truly amazing! https://t.co/7P839oUbW9

Team work makes the dream work at William Roper Hull School! Students and staff collaborated to create this beautiful mural in front of our wonderful school on Thursday afternoon. #Pride2021 @yyCBEdu @hullcalgary https://t.co/LKufCKqCxu