Basic Expectations

In order to best meet everyone’s learning and safety needs, we ask that you respect the following:

  • Attend school regularly and arrive on time to classes.
  • Engage in your learning and treatment programs.
  • Dress appropriately (see Dress Code).
  • Attend to daily personal hygiene – take care of yourself.

 All students are expected to:

  • Be kind and respectful to others.
  • Show consideration for the property of Hull School as well as the property of the community and individuals.
  • Follow school expectations regarding their behavior:
    • at school,
    • on the way to and from school,
    • when participating in off-campus activities, and
    • in any vehicle used for the transportation of students.

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RT @CBELanguages: Splendid vist @HullSchool @yyCBEdu . The new crosswalk painted by the students looks great! The results of thework in the garden by the students of teacher A. Simms and Educational Child and Youth Care Counsellors V. Somers and J. Maddigan Wood are truly amazing!

Team work makes the dream work at William Roper Hull School! Students and staff collaborated to create this beautiful mural in front of our wonderful school on Thursday afternoon. #Pride2021 @yyCBEdu @hullcalgary

National Indigenous People’s Day. Thank you to Braiding the Sweet Grass for making this a meaningful and engaging day for our students. #NationalIndigenousPeoplesDay #CallToAction @hullcalgary @Indigenous_cbe