Dress Code

All students are expected to dress in a manner which reflects the school’s purpose as a place of learning and a place of work. Students should be sensitive to the values and practices of the community and aim to offend no one by their dress. When dressing for school, students are to remember the following guidelines:

  • Appropriateness for a school setting: Clothing must not display inappropriate or offensive language, slogans or messages.
  • Modesty:  Brief, beach-style or revealing clothing is inappropriate for school.  Tops must cover the waist; shorts, skirts and dresses should be of an appropriately modest length. Sleeveless shirts must have straps that are at least 2 fingers wide. Administration will make the final call on what is acceptable.
  • Appropriateness for specific activities: Special dress may be required for physical education or shop classes.           
  • Safety and Health:  Shoes are to be worn at all times. Please send shoes that can stay at school. Winter coats and boots are not to be worn in class.  For outdoor activities, outerwear suitable for the weather and activity should be provided by the parents/caregivers.
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