Cafeteria & Menu

Nutrition Program

 Our school operates a nutrition program that provides: 

  •  An optional breakfast program for day students (those who take the bus). Breakfast is served between 8:45 and 9:00 AM and later if buses are late. 
  • A fresh fruit bowl in each classroom that students may access throughout the day. 
  • A lunch program for day students who have forgotten to bring their lunch. 
  • This program provides the students with an opportunity to make their own sandwiches using healthy ingredients or eat leftover breakfast club meals.

The nutrition program is funded through generous donations from corporations and private individuals and is operated by school staff members.

Tuck Shop

Our school operates a Tuck Shop each day during the morning recess and the lunch break. At the Tuck Shop students can buy snacks and meals that are both nutritious and delicious. The Tuck Shop is staffed by students participating in our work experience program.

Recess Snacks

At Hull School we encourage students to bring a nutritious snack for their mid-morning break or money to buy a snack from our Tuck Shop. A healthy snack, together with a good breakfast, enhances learning and participation throughout the morning.

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