Your child will likely take a charter school bus or taxi to school. When your child first comes to our school and at the beginning of each new school year you will be required to register for transportation.

If your child will not be attending school because of appointments, illness, etc., it is the parents/caregiver’s responsibility to call the provider and inform the transportation provider that a pick-up will not be necessary. If the driver repeatedly arrives for a pick-up and finds that the student is not attending school, the transportation carrier will temporarily suspend service.

Students are expected to:

  • Be ready for their pick-up and departure times.
  • Treat the driver, attendant and other passengers with respect.
  • Come prepared with an appropriate activity to keep them occupied for the trip.
  • Remain seated for the duration of the ride.

Hull School’s transportation carrier is Dreams Transportation: 403-590-7433.

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​​School Bus Safety at the CBE

School bus loading zones provide a safe area for students to embark and disembark the buses. Please do not drive into the school bus loading zone when you pick up or drop off your child.

Help teach your child to safely cross the street around school buses. Children should:

  • Stand back a safe distance from the bus

  • Wait until the bus leaves the stop

  • Walk to the closest intersection

  • Cross the street only when they have a clear view of traffic in both directions and it is safe to do so

The CBE and school bus carriers want to ensure your child's safety and make their experience on the bus a positive one.​​​