​​Learning Commons at the CBE

Today’s learners cannot imagine life without the internet and supporting technology. The concept of the traditional library is changing to include technology, online tools and spaces for collaboration and exploration.​​​

Learning Commons / Library

Our Learning Commons

The Learning Commons has books of every genre and at every level. There is also a wide variety of magazines. Students are allowed to sign out two books at a time and keep them for two weeks. Magazines can be read when visiting the Learning Commons.

In addition to reading materials, the Learning Commons also has a chess station and creative activities stations, such as Lego, Cubelets, Ozobot, and Circuit building activities.

There are games and puzzles, a coloring table, and many areas for group work or independent study.  Comfortable seating for all ages makes quiet reading in the Learning Commons a popular activity.

Library Catalogue

Visit the Hull School Library Catalogue. You can save can save it under your favorites, and you may want to rename it Hull School Library for easier reference. 

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