Our Staff

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PositionName & Email
PrincipalMarklinger, Dean
Assistant PrincipalPhillips, Robin
Learning Leader Student ServicesKhubyar, Kyle
Learning Leader HumanitiesWesley, Jade
Learning Leader Phys Ed, Health & WellnessPhillips, Andrew
Learning Leader 5/6 CommunityPresley, Karri
Learning Leader Arts-Centred LearningQuinn-Hall, Collette
Learning Leader MathShields, Dawn
Learning Leader Science/School Organization
Thomas, Tanya
Administrative Secretary
James, Catherine

Teaching Staff

Teaching Assignment Name & Email
Grade 7 Humanities, Gr 7 Ceramics Brown, Ainslie
Grade 9 Math/Science, Gr 9 Creative Writing Davidge, James
Grade 6 Egan, Lisa
Grade 8 Humanities, Gr 8 Multimedia Hample, Chris
Grade 7 Math/Science
Hennigan, Jack
Grade 7 Math/Science, Gr 7 French Ingram, Cheryl
Gr 5 Music, Gr 6-9 Band, Gr 7 - 9 Guitar  Jensen, Dave
Resource, Grade 9 Health, Gr 8/9 Drama
Khubyar, Kyle
Grade 7 PE/Health, Gr 7 Sports Excellence Owen, Sarah
Grade 8 PE/Health, Gr 8 Sports Excellence Phillips, Andrew
Grade 5
Presley, Karri
Grade 9 Humanities/Gr 9 Performance Drama
Quinn-Hall, Collette
Romanchuk, Nicole
Grade 8 Math/Science, Gr 8 Robotics Saxton, Whitney
Grade 9 Humanities/Art
Schurig, Carrie
Grade 5 - 9 Drama Shank, Cameron
Grade 9 Math/Science
Shields, Dawn
Grade 7 Humanities Strange, Sarah
Grade 5 Sturgeon, Sidney
Grade 8 Math/Science
Thomas, Tanya
French, Grade 9 PE, Gr 9 Leadership Turner, Stephanie
Grade 9 Humanities/Foods/Fashion
Viviers, Michelle
Resource Gr 5 - 9 Walker, Clay
Grade 6  Wesley, Jade
Grade 8 Humanities
Williams, Kathleen
Grade 6
Winters, Shannan

Support Staff

Position Name & Email
Cleaner Biru, Berhanu
Lunch Supervisor Cameron, Christine
Facility Operator Catalan, Dustin
Cleaner Curameng, Rovelyn
Library Assistant Dickson, Dawn
School Secretary Fallows, Nicole
Education Assistant Howell, Wanda
Administrative Secretary James, Catherine
School AssistantMcDonell, Lorna
Education Assistant
McDougall, Shirley
Lunch Supervisor Miller, Katrina
Cleaner (Temporary) Tiongco, Jyson
Tremblay, Michelle
Lunch Supervisor Tverkutes, Tamara
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