Dress Code

According to Administrative Regulation 6010 of the CBE, Willow Park has developed a dress code aimed at establishing and maintaining reasonable standards of dress for all school activities. Styles in dress and grooming become unacceptable when they are not appropriate wear for school, unsafe, offensive to others or prevent a student’s participation in a learning activity. All clothing should cover the body. 

  • T-shirts should have appropriate sayings and logos
  • Clothing needs to be neat (not excessively ripped or torn) and clean
  • Hats, toques and outdoor clothing are to be left in lockers and not worn in the school during the school day

Administration may determine which articles of clothing contravene our dress code. In accordance with CBE Policy, students who do not comply with the dress code may be asked to change clothing, change into their gym strip or may call or return home to get alternative clothing.

Physical Education Clothing 

Students are required to change into a t-shirt and shorts or sweatpants for their Physical Education classes. T-shirts with the Willow Park logo as well as black shorts and grey sweatpants will be available for purchase in September through your child’s Phys. Ed. teacher should you wish to purchase these.

Students must have indoor, non-marking athletic shoes for their safety and protection. They are not to use high soled runners, hiking shoes, ‘skater’ shoes, slip-ons or flip flops for PE class. 

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