Please complete the attached registration packet so that we may give out equipment, music and supplies.

More information about performances or other opportunities will be sent home as they occur. For now, students will be enjoying music class without any out of school rehearsals or events.

The Music Parent Leadership group helps to ensure that a band program can be offered to Willow Park students. It is a great way to get up to date information and to have input on performances and events. Meetings are held once a month and decided on by the group. If you are interested in knowing more please indicate this in your registration package.

The music area is open for students as a practice space before or after school, as well as Tuesday and Thursday at lunch. All are welcome.


Traditionally, Willow Park students wear black pants/skirt, black shoes/socks/tights and a Willow Park band shirt and/or tie (7-white with tie; 8&9-blue with vest and some ties) for performances. You are asked to own the shirt and give a deposit cheque for vests, ties and garment bags to keep on record (not cashed unless the vest etc. are not returned at the end of the year). These cheques are destroyed when equipment is return ed in good condition. You will see the form regarding uniforms in your registration packet.

All instrument supplies are provided for students. It is important that students take care of their instrument as best they can. If supplies run out, please ask for more. * Mouthpieces, neck straps, rods, mallets etc. are considered instrument parts. Replacement costs will apply if these are lost or damaged and will be negotiated on a case by case basis. It is important that students let Ms. Williams know immediately when any part of an instrument is damaged or lost.


Students who play an instrument that requires a reed will be given their first reed. They will need to purchase other reeds throughout the year. They are available in the music room if you wish . (clarinet: $3.00; all other instruments: $4.00 per reed)

String bass and percussion players need extra supplies to play their instruments (mallets, bags, rosin, tuners, bows, patch cord etc.). These supplies are expensive to replace. As a result, bot h the CBE instrument contract with fee (paid with your fees) and a supply contract with deposit cheque (dated June 1, 2018) are required (not cashed unless equipment is not returned at the end of the year). The deposit cheques are destroyed when equipment is returned in good condition. You will see the contracts in your registration packet.

Students are encouraged to own their own instrument. If you would like to rent an instrument from the Calgary Board of Education please indicate this in your registration packet. Please note that to start the year students will be given one CBE instrument to play. Stay tuned for more information about larger instruments at home.

Students will be given a book bag, music book, pencil and music to use throughout the year. It is important that the music bag and contents are kept with the instrument to use in class. If lost or damaged, please let Ms. Williams know immediately. Replacement costs could apply if these are lost or damaged and will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

The CBE ‘instrument rental agreement’ is a legal document and parents are reminded to read it carefully before signing. Families are encouraged to hold sufficient insurance to cover any potential loss or damage to the instrument. Most home insurance policies are sufficient if the company is notified.

There are lockers in the music studios to secure instruments & music. Students who rent an instrument from the school will automatically be assigned a locker. A limited number of lockers are available for students with their own instruments. 

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