Dress Code

Respectful School – Appropriate Attire

The CBE's Administrative Regulation 6010 – Standards of Dress and Grooming describes acceptable and unacceptable attire for students. At Wilma Hansen, our dress code complies with the CBE Regulations and is aimed at establishing and maintaining reasonable standards of dress for all school activities.

Good taste and judgment in the selection of clothing worn to school is expected.

Styles in dress and grooming become unacceptable when they are unhealthy, unsafe, offensive or distracting to others.

Clothing should be clean, tidy and appropriate for an educational setting. Safety precautions in various areas (Phys. Ed, Foods Lab, Design Lab and Science Labs) will be reviewed by classroom teachers. Shoes must be worn at all times in case of an evacuation drill. Students will be expected to change into gym strip or may be sent home to change if they do not meet these standards.


 At Wilma Hansen School, we believe that students’ dress at school should be suitable for a wide range of learning activities. Just as there is a mode of dress that is suited to office work, to sports activities, or to various social or formal functions, there is also a mode of dress suited to classroom learning. Student dress for school should include a top (shirt, blouse, sweater, sweatshirt, etc.), bottom (pants, shorts, skirt, dress, etc.) and footwear.

Some clothing is just inappropriate for school.  Clothing not appropriate for school includes clothing that makes reference to: profanity, drugs and alcohol, images that portray people inappropriately, etc.  Fashion also plays a part in personal expression.  To that end students need to make clothing choices that cover their private areas.

Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times for both health and safety reasons. Separate gym clothing and running shoes must be worn for physical education classes and students are asked to come dressed for the weather.

Expectations for dress at school are intended to promote a positive learning atmosphere; all members of the school community are asked to support and respect these expectations. Students may be asked to change into their gym strip if their clothing is deemed inappropriate. In severe cases, arrangements will be made for students to go home to change during the school day.

One last item of note is that for everyone’s safety, we want be able to recognize strangers in the school.  We also need to be able quickly recognize our students in classrooms and in hallways.  To that effect, hats with peak or brim, hoodies or other clothing items that obscure the face are not permitted.

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