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Healthy Hunger Fun Lunches

If you wish to order your child lunch through Healthy Hunger see the dates below. Parents are to be reminded that last dates to order are the Thursday evenings the week before.

All orders are to be done online through

Lunchroom & Nutritional Break

Everyone in the school can and should expect a lunch break free from disruptive behaviour, other people’s garbage and rough play. We expect everyone to respect the community, our school building and all people. Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. 

Students who are within the walk zone and would like to go home for lunch are welcome to do so. Students staying at school will be supervised in the school and are requested to bring their lunch with them. 

Grade 5 and 6 students who are participating in lunch room program must remain on school property in designated supervision areas. 

Grade 7-9 students have an open campus.  This means that students in grade 7-9 may choose to remain on campus or leave school property for lunch.  Minimal supervision will be provided for grad 7-9 students who are remaining on school property. 

Any student abusing lunchtime privileges and/or facilities may be held responsible for the clean-up. A lack of co-operation in this area may result in students losing lunch hour privileges.

As the school has an early dismissal on Fridays a nutrition break is built into the timetable to provide students and staff a chance to have a snack and refreshments. Due to the short length of time, students are not allowed to leave the building during the Friday Nutrition Break.

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