Program, Focus & Approach

Student Timetable 

Wilma Hansen School operates on a four-day timetable with six periods each day. Day 1 corresponds to Monday, Day 2 to Tuesday, Day 3 to Wednesday and Day 4 to Thursday. Our Friday class order will rotate. Students will be reminded of the order of classes before each Friday and the day will be posted in the main office as well as on our digital signs. All students are provided with copies of their timetable and are encouraged to keep one posted in their locker with the other copy kept in their binders. For school hours and bell times, visit the Contact Us page.

Homework & Assignments

Students, for the most part, are given time in class to complete school work if they use their time wisely and effectively. From time to time, they may be asked to complete assignments and projects at home. As a rule of thumb, students should be engaged in 10 minutes of homework each day, per grade that they have completed. 

This means that Grade 7 students should be engaged in 1 hour of homework per day outside of school time and by the end of Grade 9, students should be engaging in approximately 1½ hours of homework outside of school time. The homework may not always be the kind that is ‘assigned’ by teachers, rather, student homework includes reviewing notes, reading, engaging with educational links available in D2L or on our website for extra practice, watching TedEd and Khan Academy clips related to the subject being discussed in class, etc. 

In addition, the Wilma Hansen School Parent Association (WHSPA) has also generously provided financial support for IXL Math home access for all students. This allows students to support or enrich their numeracy and literacy skills.

Students are expected to complete all assignments on time and to the best of their ability. Students are responsible to catch up/complete any missed school work.

Teachers will communicate with students and home on a regular basis. Please check the course outline for details. Students and parents/guardians are encouraged to check the school website often for updates and communication links.

Response to Intervention  (RTI)

RTI is a flexible time block in our schedule that allows for students to access additional instructional time. This may be for educational intervention (reinforcing or providing extra time for students to master key skills) or enrichment (extending or further exploring activities for academic purposes). Wilma Hansen welcomes regular input into RTI planning. Suggestions for open spaces, teaching spaces and additional RTI opportunities for students may be sent to at any point through the year.

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​​Regular Program at the CBE

Even though most of our schools offer a regular program, no two are quite the same. All schools teach according to Alberta Education’s mandated curriculum, however a school’s focus, optional courses and school activities are as unique as every school.​​​

​​Middle Years at the CBE

Middle years learning refers to education offered to students between the ages of 10-15. These years are critical in keeping our students on the path to high school completion and their career futures. Keys for student success include: participating in hands-on, purposeful and relevant learning; creating positive relationships with peers, teachers and other adults; and being actively involved in the community and feeling supported by family, businesses and other organizations that surround them.

Learn more about our students in their middle years, including how their learning will change and how you can support your child, visit the CBE website.​

​​Exploring Career Choices

For Grades 5 to 9 at the CBE, we offer Career & Technology Foundations (CTF). This is an inquiry-based, hands-on program that focuses on essential skills common to occupational areas, and our students personalize their learning based on their interests and passions.​​​

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There are no classes for CBE students on Friday, Sept. 23 because it’s a system-wide non-instructional day. Have a fun, safe long weekend! #WeAreCBE

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