Our Staff

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Administration- Administración

Principal  |  Sr. Erick Noriega

Assistant Principal  |  Sra. Liz Styan

Administrative Assistant  |  Sra. Dina Rodrigues de Sosa

Teachers - Maestros

Resource Teacher

Sra. Christine McKinnon (AM)

Kindergarten - Kinder
Sra. Sali Galvez (AM)
Sra. Karen Rodriguez (AM/PM)   
Grade 1 - Grado uno
Sra. Elena Martin
Sr. Martin Rivera
Sr. Cristian Gutierrez
Grade 2 - Grado dos
Sra. Brittney Ferkranus
Sr. Rafael Bru
Srta. Sandra Imperadeiro
Grade 3 - Grado tres
Sr. Sergio Montanez
Sr. Fabian Valdebenito
Sra. Elisa Waingort
Grade 4 - Grado cuatro
Sra. Anita Angulo
Sr. Carlos Plata
Grade 5 - Grado cinco
Sra. Eileen Abad
Sra. Paulina Villarreal
Music - Música
Srta. Anne Gray
Support Staff - Personal de apoyo
Library AssistantSra. Shelley Harker 
Spanish Education Assistant
Sra. Monica Ingoldsby
Spanish School AssistantSra. Silvia Rojas
Lead Lunch SupervisorSra. Vanessa Paquette
Lunchroom SupervisorsSra. Kathy Heninger
Sra. Judy Sundal
Sra. Nubia Gutierrez
Sra. Rosie Mah
Sra. Kristy Anthony
Sra. Cynthia Gawley
Facility OperatorsSr. Bing Wei (Head Operator)  & Sra. Vicki Campbell-Yee


To contact any of our staff, please call the school office at  403-777-6100  or email us at womitchell@cbe.ab.ca.

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