Our Staff

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Administration- Administración

Principal  |  Sra. Susan Coveyduck    

Assistant Principal  |  Sra. Alejandra Fleischer

Administrative Assistants  | Sra. Trena Robertson & Sra. Brenda Backus

Teachers - Maestras / Email

Kindergarten - Kinder
Kindergarten (AM/PM):   Sra. Sali Galvez (Room 20)                       
Kindergarten (AM):         Sra. Alejandra Fleischer (Room 21)        
Grade 1 - Grado uno
Sr. Cristian Gutierrez
Srta Katelyn Mitchell
Sra. Sandra Alonso 
Grade 2 - Grado dos
Srta. Sandra Imperadeiro
Sra. Ofir Flor
Sra. Karen Rodriguez
Grade 3 - Grado tres
Sra. Anita Angulo
Sra. Paulina Villarreal
Sr. Rafael Bru 
Grade 4 - Grado cuatro
Sra. Gloria Chavez
Sra. Sandra Lara
Sra. Alison Shurvell
Grade 5 - Grado cinco
Sr. Carlos Plata
Sra. Eileen Abad
Sr. Hector Valdebenito
Sra. Isabel Panrucker
Music - Música
 Srta. Anne Gray
Support Staff - Personal de apoyo
Library AssistantSra. Shelley Harker
Spanish Education Assistant
Sra. Pao Uhren
Resource Teacher/Learning LeaderSra. Cynthia Engelbracht
Lead Lunch SupervisorSra. Heather Miles
Lunchroom SupervisorsSra. Kathy Heninger
Sra. Judy Sundal
Sra. Ronda Parcells
Sra. Silvia Rojas
Sra. Vanessa Paquette
Sra. Belinda Biel
Sra. Victoria Brunes 
Facility OperatorsSr. Bing Wei (Head Operator) and Sra. Cindy Wang


To contact any of our staff, please call the school office at  403-777-6100  or email us at womitchell@cbe.ab.ca.

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Looking for school re-entry information? Check out our website as new information is updated and FAQs are added regularly https://t.co/KCelIpvcKl #yycbe #WeAreCBE https://t.co/d8T2XGm68e

Today we released more information on the hub online learning approach developed for the 2020-21 school year for families choosing to have their children remain at home due to COVID-19 concerns. Learn more: https://t.co/RFBvHBPiv9 #yycbe #WeAreCBE https://t.co/PEbnpKMTky

The provincial government has announced that schools will return to classes under Scenario 1. We’re very excited to welcome our students back to school, while keeping everyone as safe as possible on Tuesday Sept 1 https://t.co/klzx75UAdX #yycbe #WeAreCBE https://t.co/o8Sti8O8wD

Applications are being accepted for the Prime Minister's Youth Council (PMYC). Canadian youth, permanent residents and protected persons aged 16-24 years can apply. Deadline: Aug. 17, 2020 Learn more: https://t.co/99n2eU6cgG @leaderstoday #PMYouthCouncil @CdnHeritage https://t.co/mSHBHzLijI