Aug 28
W.O. Mitchell Re-Entry Plan
  • Below please find our school's most recent Re-Entry Plan (Aug.28, 2020). 

    ​Please call or email the school if you have questions or require additional information.​

Mar 16
Happy March!

Happy March!

While arguably another short month due to our upcoming Spring Break, it is a month of rich learning and opportunities for students. Please read further into the newsletter for information for upcoming events, as well as regular communications that come from the school and your child’s classroom teacher.

Last week, you would have received a request to complete a transportation survey from the CBE. As transportation has been identified as an area for reconsideration from a budgetary/financial perspective, I cannot stress the importance of completion. The link for the survey can be found here:

Our storytelling residency is coming to a conclusion. You would have received an invitation to our final celebration, on March 13th. The invitation describes time and location for your child’s performance. Please contact your child’s classroom teacher if you have misplaced that information.

Our residency has been such a rich learning experience for all. Teacher toolboxes for story writing development and oral/aural presentations have been filled. Students have learned so many speaking skills that (hopefully) public speaking will become something all enjoy. The intense focus on our School Development Plan (Spanish speaking proficiency) has helped students feel more confident in speaking Spanish. I would like to recognize all teachers for their profound commitment and work to actualize this residency, Sra Fleischer for her ‘project management’ skills, our support staff for making work plans adjust ‘on the fly’. I would also like to thank our School Council for supporting this project, both philosophically and financially (it took a lot of poinsettia and Family Fun Night contributions to pay for the residency; thank you to families for supporting fundraising efforts). Finally, thank you to Mr Stockton, who vision, expertise, and passion for the art form of story telling brought our project to light, and sustained it to it’s conclusion. We will miss working with you, and learning from you!

Our first (annual ?) science fair is in the books. Please read into the newsletter for more information. Once again, I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude to all the students who committed to this scientific adventure, and to all the adults who helped them be successful.

Just before winter break, all WOM families were asked to complete notices of intent, indicating whether or not they would be returning to WOM for the 2020-21 school year; this includes our grade 5 students moving on to middle school. There are two reasons why we seek this information; to better inform our site based planning decisions, and to support the CBE ethos of solid transition plans for students moving to other schools. If you did not submit this information to the front office team, or if your plans have changed and your child will be attending a different school than indicated, kindly advise the office ASAP!

We are pleased to share that a lottery was not required for people wishing to attend our school for the 2020-21 school year! While interest was high, we were able to offer placement to all eligible students who applied. We will continue to take and consider eligible applications, in the order in which they are received. A conversations with administration is required in advance of consideration for grades 2 and above. Kindly share this information with interested families. On a personal note, I attended an international conference focused on second language instruction, with particular emphasis on inclusion and cultural competencies. While much was learned, my beliefs that the CBE offers exceptional language programs and opportunities was affirmed. My experiences not only invigorated my resolve to support and strengthen language learning opportunities at my school and within my Board, but also made me very proud of and excited for the opportunities that our students have in the CBE. Thank you for your commitment and support as we work collectively to strengthen the learning experiences for our students.

Susan Coveyduck

Feb 07
February Update

​Hola familias,

It seems to be generally understood by Calgarians that January is the longest month of the year. That being said, it is hard to believe that we have come to the end of the month. And, as I reflect on the ‘month that was’, it is no surprise that the month felt like it flew by! More information about some of these exciting events are described further in our newsletter.

Even more interesting than the flurry of activity at our school is, in my opinion, the rich learning that is happening, every day, in each and every classroom. I know that parents are confident in the abilities of our staff to ensure success for all our students; we are grateful for that trust. As I visit classrooms, every day, it is my opinion that we are deserving of that trust. I marvel at the engaging and inspiring ways that teachers make curriculum come to life, and how they consider each child’s strengths and areas for growth within their designed instruction. 

Additionally, I see significant evidence of our actualization of our school development plan every day. I know you know we work with amazing students and our involved parent community works tirelessly in support of everything at our school. I trust that you also know that we have outstanding staff members supporting the academic and social growth of our students, and for that I am grateful, too!

Please read further into the newsletter for important information regarding registration, transitions to new schools, as well as school highlights, including updates on our math school development plan focus. There is also information about the Alberta Education Accountability Survey (a survey that Grade 4 students and parents will complete); an important consideration is highlighted in yellow.

It was wonderful to see so many families at our conferences. Please read further into the newsletter for more information, as well as our next step as we build collective understandings regarding assessment and our new reporting practices. Our school is buzzing with stories – we are grateful for the rich learning opportunities our staff and Mr. Stockton (our artist in residence) are providing. 

Thank you for the ways you support School Council​ fundraising efforts – Council fundraised dollars support student enrichment opportunities… like Mr. Stockton! Watch out for our cross-country skiing experience – our grade 3’s and 4’s will be carving up the school grounds with Foothills Nordic Ski Club! Our parent community are invited to come ski anytime on Feb 10, 11 & 12. The ski club will also have adult skis! 

Happy February
Susan Coveyduck

Dec 03
Where has 2019 gone!

Like most of you, I too am wondering where 2019 has gone!  It seems like only yesterday we were welcoming students and families for the start of the school year, however,  when we look at how much our students have grown, as learners and as people, it is clear that September came and went…a long time ago.

As we celebrate student achievement and growth, please be advised that your child will receive their first report card for the 2019-20 school year on Tuesday, December 17.  Report cards are ‘summative assessment tools’, meaning that they are measures of your child’s achievements in relation to the Alberta Program of Studies thus far.  They also connect to the CBE Board of Trustee’s Results Policies, which are clear directions defining student success.  Please be advised that the date for dissemination of report cards is strategic-should you have questions, there are a few days in advance of the break for you to come and ask about them!  We would appreciate the opportunity for you to express concerns in advance of the break.

November marked the completion of our annual School Development Plan outlining specific direction for instructional and achievement focus.  We have three goals this year focusing on numeracy, Spanish speaking and wellbeing in learning.  This document, along with our Annual Report, which highlights our many achievements from the 2018-19 school year, can be found on our school website on the Our School page.

Registration for kindergarten and Grade 1 for our Spanish bilingual program begins on January 20th.  Applications for our Spanish bilingual program are being accepted from Monday, January 20th to Tuesday February 11th (12:00noon). Lottery, if required, will take place on Wednesday Feb 12.

Our Open House will be Thursday, January 9, geared towards perspective families.  We will be sending home a flyer for the open house to each family, and will be asking you to share this information with friends/family living within our catchment area who might be interested in their Kindergarten or Grade 1 student attending our school.  Alternatively, the flyer can be placed in your coffee shop, dentist office, etc. Thanks for your support.  Please read further into this newsletter for more information.

Current Grade 5 students have been designated to Senator Patrick Burns School.  If another program is being sought (ex. community school), please contact the school for directions on how to register your child.

Students will start the New Year with swimming lessons (Grade 1-3) and rollerblading (Grade 4-5). Our school council subsidizes these opportunities. Our school-wide Artist in Residence program also begins in January. We will welcome storyteller Jeff Stockton. He will be supporting students, staff and our school as we focus on Spanish oral language production.

As we look towards the end of December, please accept my invitation to join us for our Carolling Concert, featuring our Grade 4-5 choir and handbells groups on December 4th. Sra Gray’s adult choir will also be part of this musical celebration.  We will have two performances, one for the school at 2:00PM, and one for our community at 7:00PM.  Families are welcome to attend both.  Our Grade 1-2 Winter Concert will be on December 11 , again with shows at 2:00PM and 7:00PM.  Doors for both evening concerts on December 4 and 11  will open at 6:30PM.  I would like to recognize, in advance, the countless hours that our children have committed to bringing these celebrations to you, and to their talented teachers who have worked with them to ensure their success.  Thank you to our talented music teacher, Sra Gray, for her vision, talent, and dedication to our children and our school.  These celebrations will be wonderful evenings of music and camaraderie.

On behalf of students and staff at WO Mitchell School, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  !  ¡Feliz Navidad y próspero año nuevo!

Susan Coveyduck

Nov 07
Attendance is Important

It is hard to believe that the school year is 20% completed. While it seems like just yesterday, we welcomed students and celebrated the start of a new school year. I marvel at how well our students have adjusted to a new year, a new grade, new routines…When I look at how much students have changed and learned since September, it is as though they have been at WOM for a very long time! We are all so proud of our students; for the people they are becoming and for the people they already are!

To this end, noting that we are a fifth of the way through the school year, regular and punctual attendance is important for all students. This is especially important for WOM students, as parents have chosen, for their child to learn in a second language (one that many of our parents cannot support at home). The table below outlines what time away from school, whether it is being late or signed out early, actually means to lost instructional time. This does not take into account family holidays that people take during instructional time. Additionally, research is clear regarding prioritizing early years’ school learning and success later in life. Something to think about…

When your child misses just… That equals… Which is… Therefore, from Kindergarten to Grade 12, that is…
10 minutes/day 50 minutes learning/week Nearly 1 ½ weeks/year Nearly ½ year of school
20 minutes/day 1h 40min of learning/week Nearly 2 ½ weeks/year Nearly 1 year of school
30 minutes/day ½ day of learning /week 4 weeks/year Nearly 1 /12 years of school
1 hour/day 1 whole day of learning/week 8 weeks / year Nearly 2 /12 years of school

Celebrating students’ successes and reporting specific information about student achievement was the theme of our student-parent-teacher conferences this month. Thank you for your participation in our conferences. Our next significant reporting event will be the sharing of formal report cards. Report cards are coming home on Tuesday, December 17th. While, at our school, we will have 5 significant reporting events spread out evenly over the school year (3 formal conferences and 2 report cards), parents are invited to contact teachers whenever questions arise. Our teachers are always available to parents. They are working very hard to stay connected, through their websites, class emails, and more personalized ways of communicating. I respectfully ask that you ‘meet them half way; please contact them when you have questions or concerns, and please read their communications.

Please remember that this year, each teacher is providing class updates every two weeks. They can be found on each teacher’s webpage, housed within our schools website. We also hope that you will consider joining us for our Remembrance Day Assembly, on November 8th at 11:00AM in our school gym. Our Division 2 Choir will be singing Child of the World under the direction of Ms. Gray. Children who belong to a service group and wear a uniform (ex. Members of the Girl Guides/Boy Scouts movements, Cadets) are also invited to play a special role as our school’s Colour Guard. Our school’s grade 2’s will be collecting non-perishable food items for the Calgary Food Bank and guests for our Remembrance Day Assembly are most welcome to contribute.
Recognizing that parents also play a profoundly important role in our school, I wish to thank you for the many ways you make our school better! Thank you for all the ways you support your children; whether it is in the classroom or school volunteering.

Teachers as Learners - Teachers as Leaders

As you know, professional learning is an important piece of our teachers’ everyday work. It allows them to continue learning in order to best support student learning. Professional learning, like classroom learning, can and does look many different ways. Teachers engage in professional activities to support lesson planning, designing daily assessment, ‘re-planning’ based on student’s responses to learning activities, communicating with parents and others, and formal accountabilities such as report cards and individual program plans. Teachers also pursue formal learning activities that support professional interests and school and system directions.

Teachers also attend system wide professional learning opportunities and later build capacity at our school in areas such as:

  • Mathematics, where teachers explore strategies and resources proposed by current research and aligned with the CBE Math Strategy. We are especially looking at conceptual understanding and automaticity of mathematical operations, problem solving, and the connections between reading and mathematical success.
  • Literacy: Our school continues to work towards developing disciplinary literacy skills.
  • Assessment: We often say that, to commit to being a teacher is also a commitment to career long focus on assessment practices. Many of our teachers often seek opportunities outside of the building to reflect on assessment work. We even have teachers providing system leadership in the continuous evolution of how we communicate achievement to parents. As children, how they construct and represent knowledge, and societal capacities and values evolve, so too must our assessment practices!
  • Spoken Word/Neurolinguistic Approach to Language Learning: This is ‘putting theory into practice work’ as we develop our skills supporting our children in their bilingual literacy learning. A significant cohort of CBE teachers take up this work, where they focus on practices that support bilingual language development.
  • Indigenous Perspectives: Truth and Reconciliation as well as various CBE and Alberta Education policies and initiatives provide legal and employment structures to our support or moral imperative of Education through Reconciliation.

At WO Mitchell School, we are fortunate to have teachers with a wide variety of unique experiences and educational backgrounds. Our teachers actively participate in Professional Learning Communities where they learn successful strategies and share resources in company of their peers.

In addition to system and schoolwork, our teachers also develop personal professional learning plans known as Teacher Professional Growth plans. TPGP’s reflect teachers’ self-identified next steps in learning, as well as plans to address their learning needs.

And some people think PD days are ‘days off’ for teachers!

Oct 22

Dear Families,

As we look forward to this October, a highlight for me is Thanksgiving, and that gives me reason to think back on September, and the many things for which I am thankful. I am firstly thankful for the 423 remarkable children we welcomed back to school. I marvel at the ways in which they engage in their learning, the ways they show that they care about others, and the ways that they intentionally work to make WOM a ‘great place to grow’…for all!

I am also thankful for our involved parent community. The parents of WO Mitchell School embrace the notion that “it takes a team”, and are so supportive not only of their children, but of all children, our staff and our school. The many ways they work to enrich the learning and lives of our students, whether through volunteering, fundraising, ensuring children have the tools they need to learn, or through our School Council are so appreciated.

Finally, I am thankful for the 37 staff members who support all of our students. Mere words cannot describe how fortunate I feel to be the principal of a school where I have absolutely no doubt that every single employee, regardless of position, cares about our students, and are 100% committed to their success, as learners and as people.

We look forward to welcoming parents/reconnecting with families during our student/parent/teacher conferences. They are booked conferences, taking place on Thursday, October 10 and Friday October 11. Students are welcome (and encouraged) to attend. We hold 3 ‘official’ conferences during the course of a school year. The last two will have a significant student-led component, where students lead you through the classroom and share with you various learning centres (in addition to having a reserved time to talk with the teacher). During this first conference, there is no student-led portion, just the interview with the teacher. Because of this, there is no ‘flexibility’ in the teacher interview time- it is important that parents are on time for the interview, and that if you have more than one child, that you consider the transition time in your booking (i.e. Do not book interviews back to back if your children do not have the same teacher). Teachers have been asked to be diligent in their timing!

In order to book conferences, you will need to have an account in MyCBE/PowerSchool. Please contact the office if you are having difficulty registering for MyCBE/PowerSchool. The link for registered people is below, and from that page you can follow directions if you do not have an account. You will need your child’s CBE number.

If you ordered apples from our School Council Apple Orchard, please pick up your apples during conferences, as this is when they are scheduled to be delivered (we hope you like ‘dem apples’).

Please mark these important dates on your calendar:

  • School Council Meeting October 7th: School Administration will be seeking input from parents (recognizing that Council is the voice for parents) for our School Development Plan at this meeting.
  • Conferences October 10 and 11
  • Thanksgiving- October 14 (no school)
  • November 15- Our second annual ‘WO Mitchell School ~ A Great Place to Glow’ Family Dance. This turned out to be the “Event of the Season” last year, and we are sure you will not want to miss it!


Happy Thanksgiving,
Susan Coveyduck, Principal/Directora
WO Mitchell School​

Sep 12
Welcome to a New Year!

​Welcome to what promises to be an amazing school year!!! September highlights hope, optimism and excitement for all that can be, and we at WOM are most excited to welcome children and families to the start of a new school year. Teachers and support staff have been busily preparing classrooms, creating learning plans and setting goals to ensure ‘a most wonderful school start-up’. And today we welcomed back over 420 students who were excited to see old friends, make new friends, tell stories of summer adventures, and connect with our outstanding staff. There is so much to celebrate!

On behalf of WOM students and staff, and on behalf of the Calgary Board of Education, it is my sincerest pleasure to welcome new and returning students and families to WO Mitchell School. All will attest to how special this school is. As I begin my seventh year as this fabulous school’s principal, I confidently state that there is only one reason why this school is fabulous; it is the people connected to WOM that make it a “Great Place to Grow”! ~ Un lugar excelente para crecer!

In addition to welcoming our students, we welcomed two new teachers who now also call WOM home. We also have a new Facility Operator. Some of our teachers also have new teaching assignments. More specific information about our new staff can be found later in the newsletter, but after our first few days together, I am excited about the energy, enthusiasm, expertise and commitment to student success that all bring to our learning community. I know that the network of adults who support our students is strengthened by their addition to our team.

In the spirit of ‘Welcome to WOM’, and in celebration of the start of the school year, please be sure to mark September 13th on your calendars. On that day, we will hold our 6th annual “Welcome Back Fiesta”, sponsored by our School Council; a continental breakfast (coffee, juice, fruit, pastries, etc.) and entertainment will be available from 7:30-9:00AM, at no cost to families. There will be prizes for children and visual displays. This will also be an opportunity for you to meet your child’s teacher and other members of our staff, if you have yet had the chance to do so. Parents have been planning this event all summer, and it will certainly be an awesome way to start the new school year. Our now infamous ‘bottle trailer’ will also be on site; if you have recyclable bottles lying around your house, perhaps you might consider bringing them to support our School Council’s ongoing fundraising activities.

You have probably figured out already that our School Council​ plays an invaluable role in why our school is so fabulous. This dynamic group of parents, whose sole purpose is to support the learning experiences of students and provide advice to administration, meets monthly, on Monday evenings, at 7:00 PM in the school learning commons. Our School Council co-chairs Mrs. Diana Wolf and Dr. Paul Alvez, run a tight and entertaining meeting. Please consider joining us at our first meeting, Monday, Sept. 16, at 7:00PM.

Wishing you a most wonderful school year. And, we at WOM are most optimistic that it will be the ‘best school year ever’!

Read more in our September WOM Newsletter​.

Susan Coveyduck 
Directora/Principal, WO Mitchell School

Jun 07
Thanks for making 2018-19 an Amazing School Year!

​As we head into June, on behalf of students and staff, we wish to thank you for all that you have done to make 2018-19 such an amazing school year! We still, however, have a month of learning, and appreciate how you continue to support students to be successful at school. Home routines, including set times for sleeping, are important. We also wish to thank you for calling the school when your child is going to be absent. Children being late or being picked up early also affects learning, both for your child as well as the learning of classmates, due to classroom interruptions. When we all stick to established practices, everything works like ‘clockwork’.

With fieldtrips and many end of year celebrations, I hope to have the opportunity to thank you personally for all that you do to make WOM ‘A Great Place to Grow’.

If our paths do not cross in June, please accept my thanks and best wishes for an amazing summer!​

May 06
We still have 1/5 of the school year left

While many feel summer is just around the corner, we still have 1/5 of the school year left, and we still have lots of good work left to do! Around this time of year, it seems as though the adults are getting tired, but students are still ‘rearing to go’…please know that you can count on all of us to ensure that only the very best learning experiences for children, right up to the last day of school, are planned for students. We know that we can count on you to ensure that children are present and on time, have had good night sleeps, and are ready to learn. It’s the charge to the finish!

Thank you to families for making the last month so rich! We have had many exciting and rich learning experiences, and are so grateful for the many ways parents have supported and volunteered. Fieldtrips and our Spring Musical “Lighten Up” are some examples of the many ways students, parents, and staff work together to ensure excellence and equity for all.

A big thank you to parents for supporting our Family Fun Night. I am certain that all can attest to the good time had by all. Our team of volunteers, led by Sara and Mia, once again, out did themselves for this community and fundraising event.

As we prepare for student parent teacher conferences for May 2 and 3, we look forward to welcoming parents to share in the outstanding learning experiences that students have had. Please be sure to check out our school wide landmarks project which connects mathematics and Spanish language and culture learning in authentic, inspiring, novel, and foundational ways.

See you during conferences!

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Do you know what to do when your child isn’t feeling well? We have pulled together resources from government and AHS to help #WeAreCBE families understand what they are required to do and when their child may return to school #yycbe

The Alberta School Councils' Association is conducting a survey to measure the “pandemic pulse” in the province. Families with children in K-12 are invited to participate. The survey will take about 15 minutes and closes on Friday, Nov. 6

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RT @southlandbus: This week is #SchoolBusSafetyWeek! In recognition, we will be sharing daily safety tips from Oct 19th to 23rd. Tip #3: Winter Weather • Dress for the weather! Frostbite can happen in minutes. • Never leave a child at a bus stop. Weather and traffic can cause route delays.