Personal Belongings


Bicycles, roller blades, scooters and skateboards must not be used on school property during school hours. Bikes are to be placed in racks provided and locked as a safeguard against theft.

Personal Electronic Devices

Our school has a digital citizenship plan and an “Acceptable Use Policy” that addresses the appropriate use of electronic devices at school. Students who disregard this policy will have that device confiscated and returned at the end of the day to either the student or his/her parent. 

Cell Phones

In order to provide for the safety and security of each student, cell phone use by students is not permitted on school property during school hours. If students are carrying cell phones, they are to be turned off during class hours. Students using cell phones during class hours without teacher permission will have their phone confiscated and held for parents to pick up. Every classroom has a telephone for use as directed by the teacher. In an urgent situation when you need to speak with your child, contact the school office main line and we will summon your child to the school office to speak with you.

Recording Devices

In a learning environment, for a specific instructional purpose, the use of personal technology for recording is acceptable.

However, as a school, we must be mindful of the potential for abuse that recording devices and cameras present. Permission must be obtained prior to such use. Any recordings or photos taken at school are to be used solely for school purposes.

Lost and Found

Please clearly label student supplies and articles of clothing with your child’s name. There is a Lost and Found box inside the east entrance of the gym. During conference times as well as other times during the school year, this clothing will be displayed. Any unclaimed items will be sent to charity.

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