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To promote Physical Education and Wellbeing, students can choose to participate in the "Healthy Habits Calendar Challenge" at home!  Check out the calendar by clicking this link- October PE and Wellness Calendar .pdf

September 29, 2022

This week we spent time learning and relearning some recess games!

The goal of the week was to get students familiar with different types of activities they can do at lunch and recess with the use of minimal equipment. The Grade 2-6’s learned a new game called “Slam Ball” (very similar to spikeball), where they bounce the ball in a circle and try to score a point by having the other team not catch it.  We also went over the rules of “4 Square”, with the ⅔’s having it modified a bit. We became familiar with “Straddle Ball” and “Window Ball” which are both similar to the game of Gaga Ball. These are activities that students can play on the compound or the grass with a few friends, or many!

The K’s and Grade 1’s had a great time learning the game “Switch”.  They used the painted 4 square courts and practiced taking turns, playing RPS, and playing fairly- check out the photo below. They also learned a classic game called “4 Corners”, which we had to play inside because of the rain, but can also be played out on the compound at recess. 

With the Terry Fox Run on Wednesday, we also practiced pacing ourselves while doing our warm up laps in the gym! 

September 22, 2022 

This week, our K’s and Grade 1’s used their imagination and became zookeepers while moving around the gym. They played a game of “Turtle Tag” where they practiced spatial awareness, safety and cooperation. 

The Grade ⅔’s started off the week using dice to play the “Rolling Locomotors” activity with a partner. We practiced skipping, galloping and learned the difference between a hop and a jump. They continued working on their teamwork abilities by doing some pool noodle relays. 

The Grade 4-6’s tried a new game called “Guard the Pins” by protecting their own pin while trying to knock down their opponents’ pins. We practiced our underhand rolling skills, but will be playing this again to practice overhand throwing and accuracy. 

The Grade 2-6’s all tried out a game called “Risky Business”, with the Grade ⅔’s having it modified a bit. Students were working on building their endurance by running laps and working on cooperation and strategy while taking a risk at the stock exchange. It was amazing to see their effort levels and the engagement during this activity. 

Finally, a lot of classes were introduced to “Spin the Pin Tag”, where they were in small groups playing their own tag games while practice spatial awareness and safety. 

September 16, 2022

Here is a look at what’s been going on in Phys-Ed this week...

For our K’s/1’s we have been practicing moving around the gym while performing different locomotor movements. We have practiced starting and stopping, using poly spots as our “lilypads” and learning about how important stretching is! 

Most of the classes tried the game of “Spaghetti and Meatballs”, which had us working on striking with implements and teamwork! The ⅔’s along with our ⅘’s played a new game called “Super Chicken” which used our Rock Paper Scissors skills to make our way up the ladder, while working on cooperation, honesty, and of course- fitness! The older grades played a challenging game of “Plank Tag”, which had them holding a plank for a period of time. In addition, the 6’s tried out a game of Giant’s, Wizard’s, and Elves. Some of the grades also learned their squad spots and worked on teamwork activities with their squads!

September 9, 2022

It has been SO great being back in the gym with all the classes here at Woodbine. We have spent these couple of days focusing on routines/procedures and cooperation/teamwork type activities while getting to know old and new friends!

In Kindergarten, we spent the week practicing moving around the gym safely and in control. Along with the Grade 1-3’s, we used popsicle sticks to complete the “Popsicle Stick Run” as a quick warm up activity, allowing us to complete laps and practicing our sorting skills. Kindergartens and Grade 1’s practiced the “Animal Run”, while moving from one end of the gym to the other, practicing general and personal space awareness. In addition, a Phys-Ed spin was put on the classic card game “Go Fish”. Students practiced taking turns and running across the “ocean” to find matches while working together with their team. 

Grade 4-6 students worked on the “Partner Skill and Fitness Challenge” which allowed students to introduce themselves to new and old friends while being active and challenging themselves. They also partook in a cooperation type activity involving a rope and getting in order. We will be sure to revisit this activity later in the year, to see the improvement in communication! These students, along with the ⅔’s were introduced to a quick warm up/cool down activity called the “Cone Flip Mixer”- while being active, students also got the chance to work with new people and practice their cone flipping skills. 

Students are becoming familiar with each other and the gym. I look forward to what the rest of the year will bring!

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