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October 7, 2022 - Grade 6 Update

* Math – Patterns – repeating and extending patterns.  Review of long division.

Coordinate Grid / Transformation Test – Tuesday, October 5 (tests will be handed back Tuesday, October 11)

L.A. Reading The City of Ember– continued focusing on important events and why they were chosen to represent a part of the book.

Writing – continued writing short stories.  Stories are due Friday, October 14.

Science – focused on what is threatening our forests (invasive species, forest fires, tree diseases, negative human impact etc).  Continued working on forest adaptation project.

 Social Studies – focused on Canada’s three levels of government and some of the services they provide (federal, provincial, municipal).


Looking Forward to Next Week

Math – Patterns and Algebra – extending patterns and naming rules for how patterns are growing.

L.A. Reading The City of Ember– begin writing character paragraphs (choose a character

Writing – finish short stories and focus on paragraph writing (topic sentence, 3 pieces of evidence backing up the topic sentence, concluding sentence)writing short stories focusing on story critical characters, settings and objects.

Science – Trees and Forests with a focus on current, historical and future uses of our forests.  Continue forest adaptation projects (project due Friday, October 21).

Social Studies – begin our study of Canada’s constitution and The Charter of Rights and Freedoms


Additional Information

Monday, October 11 – Thanksgiving Day

Tuesday, October 12 – Picture Day


September 29, 2022 - Grade 6 Update

Math – Cartesian Plane / Coordinate Grid Transformations - rotations were our focus.  Rotations are the final transformation we study in grade 6.  There will be a test on the coordinate grid and transformations (translations, reflections and rotations) on Wednesday, October 5.

L.A. Reading The City of Ember – continued reading and storyboarding important details and continued gathering details about main characters in preparation for a multi-paragraph report.

Writing – looking closer at short stories and what is involved in creating an engaging short piece of writing.  We have started our second story with a focus on story critical setting and a story critical character.

Science – Started looking at forests and interactions between all living things (producers, consumers and decomposers).  Started our new project on a forest from somewhere in the world and the adaptations creatures and plants/trees have to have to survive in that environment.

Social Studies – classroom campaigns shared – candidates took part in debates, shared videos and gave speeches.  Election held Thursday, September 29.  Congratulations to all of the candidates and campaign teams.

Terry Fox Run and Orange Shirt Day (in support of Truth and Reconciliation)


Looking Forward to Next Week

Math – Patterns – we are beginning a new section of math that focuses on multiple patterns. 

   Transformation Test – Wednesday, October 5

L.A. Reading The City of Ember – continue reading and choose a character to begin developing a multi-paragraph report providing evidence of chosen character traits.

Writing – finish writing the second short story of the year.

Science – Forests – key interactions.  Continue working on forest adaptation project

Social Studies – Principles of Democracy


Additional Information:

            *Monday, October 3 – Grade 6 Vaccinations (for those students receiving them)

            *Thursday, October 6 – Fish Creek (our second day in the park)

            *Friday, October 7 – PD Day – no school for students

            *Monday, October 10 – Thanksgiving Day

            *Tuesday, October 11 – Photo Day

Wednesday, September 21 - midweek update on a few things

Next week is very busy at Woodbine School so wanted to update you on a few things:

1. Terry Fox Run - Wednesday, September 28 (we will be walking in Fish Creek Park)

     If you would like to donate to cancer research, the link is 

2. Orange Shirt Day - Thursday, September 29
3. No School - Friday, September 30 - Indigenous Peoples Day

Can't wait to meet all of you at conferences this week!

Weekly Classroom Update

September 16, 2021

* Math : Cartesian Plane / Coordinate Grid Transformations – moving shapes across the grid using translations and reflections.  Review of multi-digit multiplication.

*L.A.: Reading - The City of Ember.  Begin reading the book together and storyboarding key events.  Quick Writes – completed a second round of short and quick writing and began developing vocabulary for the setting of a new story.

 *Science – Trees and Forests - Continued looking closely at parts of the tree with a focus on some of the processes trees are involved in – nutrient cycle, photosynthesis.

 *Social Studies – Principles of Democracy and Elections – started looking at the 4 main principles of democracy (representation, justice, freedoms and equity) and continued developing classroom campaigns for councilor and mayor. 


Looking Forward to Next Week

 *Math – Cartesian Plane / Coordinate Grid Transformations – focus on translations and reflections.  Continue reviewing multiplication and division.

 *L.A. Reading The City of Ember – continue reading and choose a character to begin developing a multi-paragraph report providing evidence of chosen character traits.  Writing – looking closer at short stories and what is involved in creating an engaging short piece of writing.

 *Science – Coniferous and deciduous trees and their role in photosynthesis and the water cycle.  Tree project continued (due date: Monday, September 26)  A close look at features, appearance, adaptations of chosen tree.

 *Social Studies – classroom campaigns continued - recording candidate video/radio ads.  Continue discussion of the Principles of Democracy (justice, equity, freedoms and representation).

FISH CREEK PARK – Thursday, September 22 (this will be our first day spent learning in a natural environment.  Students will be eating lunch in the park)



Additional Information

 1. September parent/teacher conferences will be held in-person or virtually.  Please sign up through MyCBE/Powerschool  -  Thursday, September 22 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm and Friday, September 23 8:00 am – 12:00pm.

2. Please return vaccination forms by Wednesday, September 21.

September 14 - Conferences

Parent / Teacher Conferences will be happening Thursday, September 22 (5:00pm- 8:00pm) and Friday September 23 (8:00am - 12:00pm).  There will be an option to participate in an in person conference or virtual conference.

Conference bookings open at 6:00 am on Thursday, September 15 and bookings are made for conferences via your MyCBE account.

I look forward to talking to you and learning a little bit more about your child.

B. Bossenberry

 September 9, 2022

Hello Grade Six Families.  We had a busy week filled with beginning a bunch of new things in all of our subjects.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

 Classroom Update

*Math : Cartesian Plane / Coordinate Grid – we started looking at using coordinates to find a location on a grid.  Calculation Review – we completed several games / activities using our skills with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

 *L.A. : Reading Comprehension Activity and Story Writing.

 *Science : Beginning of Trees and Forests unit – we have started looking closely at parts of the tree

 *Social Studies : Canadian election processes. Students have selected campaign teams and identified a candidate for a classroom election for mayor and councillors.

Looking Forward to Next Week

 Math : Cartesian Plane / Coordinate Grid Practice and Project.  Review large number multiplication and division.

 L.A.: Shared Reading of Class Novel – introduction to storyboarding.  Quick Writes – complete a second round of short bits of writing about picture prompts.

 Science – Parts of the Tree, Tree Project beginning - Continue looking closely at parts of the tree (role of the trunk and crown of the tree) and begin our first science project.

 Social Studies – Principles of Democracy, Canadian Levels of Government and Elections – discuss foundational principles of democracy, continue developing campaigns

Additional Information

Google Classroom is available to find student projects and regular updates during the week

Parent/Teacher Conferences – September 22 and 23

Email me anytime at:


September 2, 2022

 Thank you to all our wonderful grade six families for a very successful start.  Students were keen to try all kinds of different activities.  Their energy is infectious and has made me even more excited about what the year can be.

 Our First Week

 *This week, we spent time reviewing expectations and discussing how our classroom works.

 *Students took part in two Design Challenges. Ask them about what and how they did.

 *We began a mini-project called All About Me. Posted in Google Classroom.

 *Each student set up a grade six google folder.  This is where online work will be stored and is a great place to look for ongoing assignment / project work.

*Google Classroom is up and running.  Expectations are that the students will be checking 3 times a week for messages and updates.  This is also the place to find project outlines and links to useful websites and information we are using in the classroom.


Looking Forward to Next Week

*Math : Cartesian Plane / Coordinate Grid, calculation review

*L.A. : Shared reading of The Giver, story writing, reading comprehension 

*Science : Beginning of Trees and Forests unit 

*Social Studies : Beginning a study of Canadian election processes.

*All About Me projects due Friday, September 9.


Please feel free to contact me anytime at or at 403-777-8630.  A class update will also come out weekly via our class blog which can be found using the following link:

Important Dates

  • Labour Day Monday – No School
  • Meet the Teacher – Sept 22nd & 23rd – No School on Friday, Sept 23rd
  • Truth & Reconciliation Day Sept 30th – No School
  • Fish Creek Friday dates TBD

Have a wonderful long weekend,

B. Bossenberry

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