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September 29, 2022

This week our grade 4 to 6 students used six to seven notes from the scale to create their melodies as they did their vocal warm-up using the solfa names. Besides practicing reading notes on the five-line staff, the students continued to learn the relationship between the solfa names and the note names on the five-line staff and learn about "movable "do"", which meant that a melody could be sung in different "keys". The students learned that each note-name on the five-line staff had its own pitch, but the notes had different timbre when they were played by different instruments. The students continued to experience playing music as a group through learning to keep a steady beat as they played the circle game, "Can-You-Keep-A-Stea-dy-Beat-(rest)", in which they replaced one sound of the 8-beat rhythm sentence to a note-value in each round as they try to play their new rhythms smoothly around the circle as a group. 

Our kindergarten to grade 3 students played different music games and learned different songs this week. One of the games that our grade 2/3 students played was the "mirror movement" game, in which the students created their own movement as they danced to the beat/rhythm of the music while their partner "mirror" their movement. Our grade 1 students learned to sing "Apples and Bananas". As they sang the song, they replaced some letters in the songs using different vowels to change the lyrics and make funny pronunciations. Our kindergarteners learned to use different voices: loud, soft, shouting, speaking and singing voice to say different sentences. 

All the classes watched part of the video of the Orange Shirt Day fundraising concert 2021, which I posted on their Google Classroom under "Music". They listened to some of the music that the different indigenous musicians wrote and played during the "Children Are Sacred" concert last year. The students are encouraged to watch the concert with their family during the National Truth and Reconciliation Day. 

September 23, 2022

During this short week, the grade 4 to 6 classes experienced using the solfa names to create simple melodies for their vocal warm-up in the beginning of their lessons. Then they practiced singing the 5-part harmony song, "Black Socks!" and the 4-part harmony camp song, "Fish and Chips and Vinegar". The students also enjoyed listening to the song, which was adapted from "Edelweiss" (from "The Sound of Music") by the Marsh Family to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, and they enjoyed listening to the original "Edelweiss" song, which involved singing in harmony. The classes continued to learn new note durations and using the notes to create their rhythmic patterns. Most classes have started playing a circle rhythm game called "Can You Keep A Steady Beat", which helps the students to keep their beat while playing a variety of body-percussion rhythms as a group. The game can be played in different ways for the students to explore their creativity in making their own rhythms. 

Besides learning to create rhythms using new note durations and create simple melodies using new solfa names, our grade 1 to 3 students also learned that music has high notes, low notes and medium-pitched notes. They experienced identifying whether the music was fast or slow. They practiced listening and identifying different rhythms through games. The K to grade 3 students learned to sing different songs, moved with the beat/rhythm of the songs and acted as the different characters in their songs. 

September 16, 2022

This week our grade 4 to 6 students had a review on note values and learned some new notes. They experienced creating their own 4-beat rhythms using a variety of note values and designing their body-percussion (BP - clap, pat, stomp, snap) to play their rhythms. They learned that when a rhythm/rhythmic pattern keeps repeating, it is called "ostinato"; and when there are two or more rhythmic patterns repeating at the same time, it is called "ostinati". The students practiced listening to each other's BP while playing their own at the same time. 

All the students had a review on the differences between "beat" and "rhythm". Our grade 1 to 3 had a review on note values and created their own 4-beat rhythms as well. The 1 to 3 classes played the "Rhythm Imposter" game in which they needed to be the detective to find out which characters in the game were/were not playing the rhythms they showed on the screen. 

All the classes practiced singing using the solfege hand-signal. Some classes have learned to sing a simple five-part harmony song, "Black Socks!", which has very funny lyrics! Some grade 1 have learned to sing the song, "Beat Ball". They also played a circle game while singing the song and passing some balls on the beat around the circle. Our kindergarteners have learned to sing some children songs and move with the beat or the rhythm of the songs. They also experienced identifying the differences between music and environmental sounds, and identifying different kinds of environmental sounds. 

Some classes played a Circle Name Game which helped many of us to remember each other's names.

September 9, 2022

This week our grade 4 to 6 students played the Cup Game (a circle game in which the students speak the poem while doing percussion on their cups and passing their cups around the circle). They will learn to sing Cup Song and try to combine the cup percussion with the song and with other music as well. The students also experienced using the solfege hand-signal and the solfa names to create some simple tunes for their vocal warm-up. Many students were able to reach the high G note on the piano with their awesome voice!

Our Kindergarten to grade 3 students experienced using some of the solfege hand-signals and solfa names to do their vocal warm-up. They also played many singing games which included Freeze Dance/Wax Museum, Number Concentration Game (students sing their name when their number is called) and Obiwisana (students sing the song while passing balls/sticks around the circle on the beat). We had lots of fun!

All the students learned about some techniques that help them to sing, such as sitting up tall with a straight back and relaxed shoulders, singing with their mouth opened wider and proper breathing, etc. Some classes also practiced "O Canada" before our first assembly. We have talked about the meaning of some of the words in the lyrics.

September 2, 2022

It was great meeting most of my students in Woodbine School last two days when their classes had Music lessons. We did a brief introduction of ourselves, shared some expectations on our Music learning and played some fun music/drama games. 

Our grade 4 to 6 students played "Splat", a game that requires their focus and paying attention to each other. They learned that when they sing or act, they need to pay attention to their peers' singing and acting as well. The students also had a review on the differences between beat and rhythm through a game that some students volunteered to create their own rhythm and body percussion (BP - making music with one's body by clapping, patting (on leg, belly, etc.), stomping and snapping). After that, the class followed these students lead to repeat their BP rhythms. 

Our grade 1 to 3 students played a name/body percussion (BP) game in which they used the syllable of their name to create BP. They also learned to sing "Hello Everybody" while moving around the Music Room to shake hands with different classmates and me. Some classes also had fun playing Freeze Dance while listening to Mozart's music.

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students, 

Welcome back to school! I hope you have enjoyed your summer, and are ready for an amazing year of learning together. My name is Sau-fan Brocke, my students call me Mrs. Brocke. I will be teaching Music at Woodbine School. All the students will be getting two half-hour Music lessons a week with me. I look forward to getting to know all of you, and I also look forward to singing, dancing/moving, playing instruments and body percussion, listening to music and creating music with my students.  

I will post some of the activities that the students have experienced each week on the Woodbine School Blog, so that you can see some of the things that the students have been learning in their Music lessons. Please feel free to contact me through email or phone if you have any questions.

I look forward to seeing you soon!


Mrs. Brocke

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