Ms. Christensen | Grade 2/3

Sept. 16, 2022

Dear Families, 

Today we walked to Fish Creek Park.  We had an amazing time observing and exploring nature. We took some time to be still in our sit spot and used our senses to observe in front, behind, above, and below us and think about what was in our hearts.  Here are some of our observations:

AH- I heard lots of bird sounds.

LK- I felt really calm and I was feeling so good.  

RB- The sound of the water made me feel really calm. 

BP- It was so relaxing and it felt like I was all alone because it was so quiet. 

CC- I loved how calm the water was.  

PH- I enjoyed watching the water bugs slide across the water.

CC- I felt really happy and I liked watching the little minnows swim by.  

SP- I saw some spiders sitting still on a rock and I enjoyed seeing all the creature in the forest. 

BW- I watched an orange spider walk on water!

ML- I like the sound of the birds tweeting. 

MW- I loved when it was very calm and quiet sitting on the rocks.  I saw little water bugs swimming.  

KR- I liked the sound of the water swirling. 

FC- I liked watching the birds flap their wings. 

GS- I saw a snake under a tree trunk.  

AP- It was very calming when I was sitting on the rock and meditating. 

BS- I enjoyed watching the birds and nature flying by.  

Sept. 2, 2022

Today was another amazing day!  Here are some of our thoughts:

CC- I enjoyed playing soccer today with my friends.  I like all my friends in my class and I like Ms. Christensen!

PH- I had fun on the playground with LK.

JM- I had fun doing Math About Me!

KC- We wrote in our journals today.  I wrote a letter to Ms. Christensen and told her that I like my new class.  I also told her some things about me so she can get to know me better.  

CC- I really liked writing my letter to Ms. Christensen because my favorite subject is writing. 

MW- I loved to play at the park.  

SP- Mrs. Fraser came in and read us a story about a purple school.  

 We are very excited for a beautiful long weekend!  Happy Friday everyone! :0)

Love Room 13 

Sept. 1, 2022

We had a great first day of school!  Here are some comments from us:

  •  We had fun meeting our new teacher and making new friends.
  • Ms. Christensen read us a story about what it means to belong.  
  • We played games to learn the names of our classmates 
  • We found out lots of interesting things about our friends by doing a friend scavenger hunt.
  • We went to gym and music.
  • We got to eat lunch in the gym!!!  
  • Revenge tag was so much fun!
  • It was nice to play on the playground with all the grade 2/3 friends.  

Love Room 13

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