Teacher Pages & Blogs

Classroom Blogs and Google Classroom

Each classroom will have an online Google Classroom to support student learning and a Classroom Blog in order to communicate with parents. Each Classroom Blog is a useful tool for sharing information with families without the need for a log in each time and the option to set up a RSS feed so you can be notified when a new post is added.

The links to each Google Classroom require a student-specific username and password to access the Classroom.

The teacher’s email link is included below and can be used by parents and guardians to communicate confidentially with their child’s teacher.

Grade Name

Mrs. Broeke

Grade 1  Ms. Connolly
Grade 1 Mrs. Evans-Scully
Grade 1   Mrs. Geldreich
Grade 2 Ms. Christensen
Grade 2 Ms. Mah
Mr. Cuddihy (on leave)
Grade 2 Ms. Johansen
Grade 3 Mrs. Aspinall
Grade 3 Mrs. Coppens
Grade 3 Ms. Fournier
Grade 4 Mr. Clarke
Grade 4 Ms. Magee
Grade 4 Mrs. Tucker
Grade 5/6 Mrs. Caddel
Grade 5/6 Ms. Kazi-Tani
Grade 5/6 Mr. Pedersen
Grade 5/6 Mr. Wolfe 
Music Mrs. Munro
Physical Education Ms. Bignell


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