Ms. Aspinall | Grade 3

September 21st

In science we have been investigating natural materials and learning how people use items found in nature as toys, tools and for building shelters.  We had an amazing opportunity to hear how Indigenous peoples built teepees when members from the Tsuu’tina nation came to share their knowledge with us.  We learned so many amazing things and we’re so grateful to those who shared with us.  Check out one of our reflections:

We also had a chance to use our engineering/inventing skills to try and figure out ways we could use some natural materials found outside.  Here is a picture of our work:

After our activity, we watched a really interesting video on how to weave a basket using willow branches.  Some students thought it would be really awesome to try and make one at home.  Here is a link to the video if you’d like to brave the task.  We’d love to see the finished product if you do!

Willow Basket Weaving Video

This week we have been practicing our spelling words from our “No Excuse” word list.  We are hoping that by the end of Grade 3, we are able to spell these words correctly in our writing.  These would be great words to practice at home. 

September 15th

Our literacy highlight this week was creating a written piece on whether or not we thought that a red fox would be a good pet.  When writing, we are really focusing on breaking down each task.  Our first day we start with planning and brainstorming.  Our second day is sharing ideas with others and organizing our ideas.  On the third & fourth day we focus on writing our ideas in sentences in paragraphs, and lastly we take time to edit our piece.  This week, we shared our written piece around a traditional sharing circle.  Students have the opportunity to pass if they do not feel comfortable yet.  It was really neat to see how many students did choose to share and how excited they were to hear what others wrote. 

Here are some examples of our work:

“At first you will think a red fox is a good pet but it will poop and pee all around the house.”

“I think that a red fox is a great pet because when you play with it you get to see it smile and see how happy he or she is.  And that makes you feel happy.”

“I think a red fox is a bad pet because it will rip your sofa and grass.”

“In my view, a red fox would not be a good pet at all.  They are so noisy they will distract you from getting stuff done.  It could wreck your house and stuff like your dishes, your toys and even your important stuff!  It could rip your clothes and you would have nothing to wear!”

“Can you believe having a red fox as a pet.  It would be awesome!  You could cuddle with it all day long.  You could play with it.  You could play hide and seek!  If a bad guy was here it could fight the bad guys off!  You wouldn’t need blankets because you could snuggle all night long.”

September 8th

This week we brainstormed what we like and don’t like about working in groups.  We had a really good discussion around our ideas.  Many students shared how they did not like working in groups when others tend to take over and do all the work.  Other students shared how they love working in groups because they can help each other out and get the work done faster and better.  We challenged each other to work on some of those tricky parts about group work and put it to the test to solve complex math problems.  Our task was to create certain shapes using tangrams.  Here are some pictures below:

Dear Parents and Students, 

Welcome back to school!  We hope you have enjoyed your summer, and are ready for an amazing year of learning together.  My name is Mrs. Aspinall and I am so excited to be your teacher this year!   I hope you had a FABULOUS summer and I cannot wait to hear all about it. I am very excited to see many familiar faces this year and get to know everyone even better.

On Thursday, August 31st, I will be outside our classroom (on the north-west corner of the compound).  Once everyone arrives, we will be entering through the door on the outside of our classroom.  If for some reason you are unable to find me, there will be several staff members outside wearing safety vests that will be able to guide you.

Supervision for students begins at 8:40am every morning, with school starting at 8:55am.  Students are released to go home at 3:40pm Monday to Thursday and 12:50pm on Fridays.   Your child will be dismissed outside the same doors they entered.

 The school will be providing all school supplies.  Students only need to bring:

-       Backpack and lunch with a couple extra snacks to eat in the AM and PM.

-       Labelled Indoor Shoes

-       Re-fillable water bottle


A Few of My Favourite Things

Favourite Subject: Science

Foods: Smoothies & Tacos (but not at the same time ;))

Favourite Sports Team: Calgary Flames

Favourite Drink: Rooibos Tea Lattes

Favourite Board Game: Dutch Blitz

Favourite Activities: Spending time with my amazing family 

Warm Regards,


Jessica Aspinall –

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