Ms. Aspinall | Grade 2/3

March 24th Update

Happy Spring Everyone!  Our class is definitely loving the warmer weather and beautiful sunshine!  

We hope you were able to attend our assembly.  If not, here is a little glimpse into our work.  

Grade ⅔'s are learning to add interest to our writing by using similes.  We came up with several similes that described the way we look and the way we act.  

We also celebrated our diversity by painting our portraits.  We learned about symmetry and making sure that each side matches.  We also used our fingers as referents for centimeters to measure our eyes, nose and mouth.  Then, using tempera paint, we blended and tested colours to match our skin, lips, hair, and eye colours.  

When thinking about honesty, it is very important to be honest with others, but it is also important to be honest with yourself.  You are very unique and special.  Don’t try to be someone else.  Be yourself - because you are good enough.