Mr. Wolfe | Grade 5/6

November 6, 2023

Hi Room 19 Families,

We had a beautiful day for our Fish Creek trip on Friday.  The weather was amazing and we enjoyed the signs of the changing of the seasons down in the park.  Students ate their snacks, learned an outdoor game called Camouflage, and took time to observe nature in their sit spots.  

Students have been developing their haunted stories after spending much of the last week creating settings and characters.  With a brief focus on Remembrance day this week, we will be using Chromebooks to type our stories this week and next.  We will have lessons on proper use of quotation marks, as well as diving into the editing process.  

In math, both grades have completed their patterns and supplemetary work on graphing ordered pairs, and have worked on reviewing place value and regrouping for addition and subtraction.  The grade 6s are currently working on supplementary new curriculum work on Integer operations(+/-), while the grade 5s are reviewing basics of Multiplication.

In social studies, grade 6 students are wrapping up our introductory work on Democracy and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms with their Newcomer's Rights project, and we will commence our deep-dive into levels of government soon. 

A reminder that all students need indoor shoes at school at all times now that the weather has turned more wintery, and if possible, earbuds or headphones to support their use of technology for learning.  

Have a great week!

Mr. Wolfe

Dates to Remember:

Nov 9th  - Professional Development Day - No Classes

Nov 10th-14th  - Fall Break

Nov. 15th - Classes resume

Nov 23rd & 24th  - Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday Oct 6, 2023

Hello Grade 5/6 Families

In room 19 we have been busy since last week reading about and developing our understanding of Truth and Reconciliation Day, and responding by answering questions and writing reflections about our learning. 

In math, both grade 5 and 6 students have completed most components of Patterns and Relationships, and have moved onto place value and addition/subtractions operations. Grade 5s will soon be working on converting sequences into ordered pairs, and plotting these ordered pairs on a graph. Grade 6 students will be working on integers in the coming week or so.  

Students are given time in class to complete all tasks and assignments.  If tasks and assignments are not completed in the time given at school or during WOW time (Work on Work time), it is asked that assignments are worked on at home.  It is important that students stay up to date with assignments so not as to fall behind. Should your child bring work home to do, they have either chosen to do so themself, or been assigned that work as homework after having been provided sufficient time in class.  

We began literacy groups this past week, with all grade 5 & 6 students regrouping into groups to support their literacy needs.  Our literacy group time is 1:10 - 1:30 each day. 

In P.E., Ms Bignell has been teaching students a variety of playground games.  It is great to see students playing these games at recess.  

The grade 5/6s will be heading to Fish Creek Park on Friday, October 13th.  More information will be sent home next week.  

Grade 6 social studies students have been exploring the concept of Democracy and working to understand the main Pillars of Democracy, how these are reflected in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and most recently examining the 94 Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission through the lens of these two fundamental understandings. 

Students were very excited to meet our buddy class today.  We are paired up with Mrs. Connolly’s grade one class.  After an entertaining story about a Turkey seeking a disguise--Turkey Trouble and being introduced to their buddies, the grade 5/6 students assisted their little buddy to conceive and illustrate their own Turkey disguise. The 5/6 students really enjoyed their time with their buddies, and we look forward to our next meeting with them.  

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  We will see everyone on Tuesday.  

Looking ahead:

  • Monday, October 9 - No school
  • Tuesday October 10 - Picture Day
  • Wednesday October 11 - Running Meet at Woodbine
  • Friday , October 13 - Grade 5/6 to Fish Creek Park
  • Friday, October 20 - Non-Instruction Day – No school for students

From the Office:

Please no dogs on school property:

A dog is a person's best friend, however, we need you to know that they are not allowed on school property, even if you have them on a leash.  A number of children are uncomfortable with dogs and not all dogs are as well behaved as yours.

We thank you for your support.

From the CBE:

The Calgary Board of Education is inviting all families and caregivers to join in an online series focusing on child and youth well-being. These sessions are hosted in partnership with Alberta Health Services and will explore topics such as vaping, brain development, mental health, and sexual health. LINK:

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