About Us

  • Through high expectations, strong parent support, and a program which offers challenge, variety, enrichment, and resource support as needed, Woodman School creates an environment where each student can go as far as possible every year 
  • Typified by academic success, cross-curricular initiatives, multiple off-campus opportunities for learning and growth, high extra-curricular involvement, and the celebration of individual student efforts in all areas. 
  • We offer both a Continuing French Immersion program starting at Grade 5, and a Late French Immersion program starting at Grade 7. The French Immersion program runs concurrently with the regular English program, with students mixed for options and PE.
  • We offer daily core and physical education instruction. In addition, we provide a varied elective (options) program to afford early adolescent learners the elements of choice and exploration; these include: band, foods, industrial arts/tech education, photography/yearbook, drama, art, and leadership
  • Our School uses yellow buses for those students eligible for transportation
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​About the CBE

The CBE is the largest school district in Western Canada. Our mission is to ensure each student, in keeping with his or her individual abilities and gifts, completes high school with a foundation of learning necessary to thrive in life, work and continued learning. You can look on the CBE website for more information. ​​​

Parents wishing to cancel the registration of their child in hub need to make the decision prior to Sept. 1, 2020. Parents need to email their child's school indicating they are moving their child from hub to face-to-face instruction. https://t.co/XrspcGLNmY #yycbe #WeAreCBE https://t.co/TwYCZxd8Kv

Looking for school re-entry information? Check out our website as new information is updated and FAQs are added regularly https://t.co/KCelIpvcKl #yycbe #WeAreCBE https://t.co/d8T2XGm68e

Today we released more information on the hub online learning approach developed for the 2020-21 school year for families choosing to have their children remain at home due to COVID-19 concerns. Learn more: https://t.co/RFBvHBPiv9 #yycbe #WeAreCBE https://t.co/PEbnpKMTky

The provincial government has announced that schools will return to classes under Scenario 1. We’re very excited to welcome our students back to school, while keeping everyone as safe as possible on Tuesday Sept 1 https://t.co/klzx75UAdX #yycbe #WeAreCBE https://t.co/o8Sti8O8wD