Courtesy and good etiquette at lunch is required from everyone, in order to create an orderly and relaxing lunchtime environment:

  • Maintain acceptable volume levels when visiting and eating with friends. 
  • Make sure that waste brought in is waste returned home, to minimize germ transmission; if required to use the 4-way waste station, sorting garbage according to the labels provided is important.
  • Walk in an orderly fashion in the hallways and stairwells, staying to the right side to reduce congestion.
  • Take all running, tag and ball games to the outdoor field.
  • Rough-housing, whether indoors or outdoors, is not permitted at school.
  • Swearing and course language is prohibited in all school-related activities and while on school property.
  • Use personal electronic device during nutrition break and lunchtimes (to communicate with parents, listen to music, play games, read an e-book, etc.), although students are strongly encouraged to also be active, converse with their friends, and get fresh air.
  • Respect the limit to bathroom occupancy, posted on the outside wall. 

Outdoor Safety

Everyone should come to school dressed for the weather and ready for fresh air and exercise for 20 minutes daily at lunch.  For everyone’s safety, the following expectations have been created:

  • Students will not climb on any structures (fences, sand container, shed, trees).
  • Students must leave snow on the ground at all times.
  • Students in Grades 5-6 will play in upper field with the oversight of lunch supervisors.
  • Lunch supervisors will wear fluorescent vests to be visible and provide assistance to students.
  • Lunch supervisors will use walkie talkies / cell phones so they can communicate easily with the main office in the event of an emergency.
  • Teachers with supervision duty will circulate the periphery of the school grounds each lunch hour

Student Supervision Before and After School

Students should arrive at school after 8:45. The main doors into the school will open at 8:55, allowing students 10 minutes to go to the locker and prepare for the entry of classes at 9:05. To reduce congestion, each student is assigned one specific entry/exit door, which they should always use; teachers will share this information with students before the first day of school. At the end of the school day, students are asked to exit the building and proceed directly to their bus, Calgary Transit or parent. The main office closes at 4:00 pm.  If required, students may use the student telephone in the main office to arrange after-school plans. Parents are requested to ensure that drop-off (8:45) and pick-up (4:00) of students does not extend beyond these times, in order to ensure safety in the building, and adequate levels of supervision during non-instructional times. 

Students may access the courtyard to store their bicycles and lock them on the bicycle stand provided.  They will then exit the courtyard and report directly to their designated door.  The courtyard will be locked during the school day and there is no entry into the school from the courtyard.

If parents are driving their child to school, they are requested to pre-arrange a safe drop-off and pick up spot. Parking on the west side of Elbow Dr. is preferable, as this will minimize the congestion around yellow school busses and the pedestrian cross walk.

Parents may not drop off or pick up students from the staff parking lot, under any condition. Students get off of the yellow school bus and walk across the parking lot to get to their designated entry door. Parent support in this matter will create optimal safety for our student pedestrians.

Illegal Activities

The use, possession of, distribution of, or active contact with, or collection of money for illicit street drugs, alcohol, marijuana, inhalants, e-cigarettes, vapors or nicotine is prohibited in school, on school board property or in the context of any school-related activity. This includes lunch time, whether on or off school property. Consequences may include suspension, being issued a fine by Calgary Police Service (CPS) School Resource Office, being charged with disturbing the proceedings of a school, and a re-entry meeting with the CPS and parents.

Any object designed, intended for, or used for intimidation, threat or infliction of bodily harm is considered to be a weapon. It is a criminal offence, and will result in serious disciplinary action, and on a case-by-case basis, referral to the CPS.

Harassment, including verbal, physical, online, and/or cyber-bullying, is a criminal offence, and is not tolerated under any circumstances. School responses are framed on the CBE CARES: Collaboration for Anti-Racism and Equity Supports and CBE Bullying Prevention guidelines. Workshops and special presentations will be offered to students, staff and parents on a regular basis to develop the needed digital literacy skills to safely navigate the online environment.

Students should know their lockers, desk, backpack, purses, computer, etc. and their contents may be searched by school administration when there are reasonable grounds to believe there has been a breach of school regulations or discipline or as a matter of school welfare or safety.

Guest and Student Teachers

Most school days, there is a guest teacher in the building. We depend on guest teachers to fill in for teachers who are absent for various reasons. We treat guest teachers as guests in the school and we expect students to be on their best behaviour since the substitute teacher may not know names, routines, or procedures of the class. Teachers will establish protocols for students to follow when they have a guest teacher. We strongly endorse the development of pre-service teachers to the teaching profession and regularly host student teachers from a variety of Alberta universities. Student teachers work in tandem with their Woodman practicum teacher and participate in all school functions, staff accountabilities and conferences with parents. The same expectations for student conduct apply towards student teachers as towards certified Woodman teachers.

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