Dress Code

The use of common sense in the manner of dress is expected.  School is a place of business, and we expect that students will dress appropriately. To promote an environment of tolerance and respect for diversity, we refrain from wearing symbols, clothing, or accessories that display offensive or discriminatory attitudes, or membership to a fraternity, secret organization or gang.

Hats, hoodies or other items on the head will be permitted only if they do not result in distraction to learning, and if they do not obstruct being easily identifiable.  Teachers may ask students to remove hats or hoodies if they pose a safety concern or distraction to learning. As a sign of respect or safety, hats will be removed during exams and assemblies/ceremonies. Students wearing head dresses for cultural or religious reasons will be provided with an inclusive environment.

Under some circumstances, if clothing/grooming poses threat, discomfort or risk to self or others, teachers will request that you change. Teachers and student leaders will monitor the success of these guidelines and may make changes with student input.  Every effort is made from the school staff to provide a balance between freedom of expression and upholding reasonable guidelines for appropriate dress at school, and to do so in a fair and consistent manner. We appreciate good judgment and discernment in personal choices and grooming. Please host conversations at home regarding how students represent themselves, their family, and their school in the public eye. 

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