Dress Code

It is a rather delicate process when considering a dress code for a group of adolescents with a wide range of attitudes / beliefs, personal preferences, and body types. Having said that, there do need to be some parameters in place that attempt to cover the vast majority of students in the vast majority of situations. Our expectation is to have students conscientiously dress for school in a manner that is suitable for their learning activities and that helps prepare them for

the work/professional environments they’ll eventually be part of.

At this time, we would consider the following to be inappropriate for a school setting:
  • muscle shirts;
  • short shorts/skirts/dresses;
  • visible undergarments;
  • halter tops or tops with loose straps;
  • hats, sunglasses, hoods up over the head;
  • any tops that expose the stomach or back or cleavage; and/or,
  • apparel (or accessories) that contain any offensive language, images or paraphernalia.

Should it be necessary to do so, our staff member(s) will discreetly address any concerns with the individual student. In a situation where such a conversation takes place, the student will be given the opportunity to find another piece of clothing at school (such as their gym strip) – either to change into or to cover up. We consider our dress code to be an ever-evolving process, and will revisit it accordingly to make any pertinent changes. 

Ultimately, we want to promote a positive learning environment in all that we do at Woodman School. As it pertains to this topic, we would ask for the understanding and support of our school community as we strive to make our school a welcoming place for all.

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