Personal Belongings

Personal Property

Students are responsible for the care of their own property. It is recommended that students label all personal belongings with their name, so that if lost we can be returned to them.  It is advised that students do not carry large amounts of money or other valuables to school.  If this is necessary on occasion, its security is a personal student responsibility.  Expensive items such as iPads and cell phones, etc. which are brought to school, are the sole responsibility of the student.  While we encourage the use of personally owned laptops / tablets in Grades 7-9, these items must be well labelled with the student name and must remain in their personal possession at all times.  There should be no sharing of personal laptops with classmates. 

Lost & Found

Lost items will be placed in the lost-and-found area on the main floor, close to the office.  Unclaimed belongings will be donated to a charitable organization every three months.  As ethical citizens, we expect that if students find a lost item, they will return it to the school office.  At Woodman, we have an admirable history of locating lost items and returning them to their rightful owners.  

Personal Electronic Devices

Our school has a Digital Citizenship plan that addresses the appropriate use of electronic devices at school. 


We certainly encourage active living practices with children such as riding a bicycle to school. Upon arrival at the school and for the safety of all students, cyclists are expected to walk bicycles on school grounds during school hours. When bicycles are brought to school they should be locked in the bicycle rack provided. The school cannot be responsible for bicycles damaged or stolen while they are at school. 

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