Preparing for High School

With a few exceptions, Woodman students in the English program are designated to Henry Wise Wood High School and students in the French Immersion program are designated to Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School or Western Canada High School (French International Baccalaureate). If students were accepted to Woodman as an out-of-area student, they would return to their designated high school upon completing Grade 9. 

See the 2022-23 High School Designations page to confirm your high school designation. 

We are interested in helping students in Grade 8-9 see their future in a multilingual country, and maintain continuous French language programming into high school and beyond.  Additionally, students in the English program who have received numerous years of French as a Second Language programming should see the significant opportunities to pursue French Language and Culture 10 in high school. At Woodman, we will be intentional about helping students create goals and opportunities to strengthen their language abilities and confidence levels.  Should a family consider leaving the French Immersion program, we request consultation with the homeroom teacher first, in order to obtain a fulsome picture of the different factors that weigh into changing programs. 

Please email the following Learning Leaders with questions you may have about high school transition: 

Mr. Gordon                       English high school programming
Mme. Rugama         French high school programming

Grade 9 Families – High School Transition Messages

Please take note of a few important messages during this busy time in the transition to high school:

  • As was communicated to Grade 9 families of French Immersion, please communicate any changes with respect to leaving the program by noon on Mon.Jan. 24 at the latest. We require parent confirmation of this decision, emailed to Mme. Latam McCabe (
  • Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School has a series of virtual tours planned for Jan. 24, 25, and 26, 5:30-7:00 pm; see the D2L shell for more information
  • Students designated to Henry Wise Wood High School will be taking a walking trip to tour the school on the morning of Jan. 27
  • In the upcoming two weeks, Mr. Gordon will be visiting each Grade 9 class to answer questions and present similar information that was shared with families in the November school council meeting

Please direct any specific questions about the transition process to the following point contacts:

Mr. Gordon, English High School Transition (
Mme. Rugama, French High School Transition (
Ms. Nelson, Special Education High School Placement (

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