Mr. Gordon, our new Athletics, PE and Wellness Learning Leader, is thrilled to begin the athletic calendar through the Calgary Middle Level School Amateur Athletics. Over 220 students signed up to participate in an extra-curricular athletic team this week. Due to current COVID protocols, Grade 6 students may not mix cohorts with student athletes in Grades 7-9. Therefore, we will be focusing on skill development in Grade 6 PE classes, so that when this health protocol changes, our Grade 6 students will be well-equipped to participate.

We send special thanks to our teacher coaches who will lead the following teams:

Cross Country -  Mme. Couture / Mme. Walker
Girls Soccer - Mme. Malone / Mr. Kelba
Boys Soccer - Mme. Scharf
Jr. Girls Volleyball - Ms. Middleton / Mr. Murphy
Jr. Boys Volleyball - Mr. Gordon
Sr. Girls Volleyball - Mme. Gill / Mme. Rugama
Sr. Boys Volleyball - Ms. Boldon / Mme. Wister

Try Out and Practice Schedules

Cross Country

Congratulations to our Cross Country Team, for doing so well in their first meet at Stanley Park on Wednesday.  A special shout-out goes to Josh H for achieving first place in the Intermediate Boys!

The cross country team practices will shift slightly for next week:

  • Monday practice after school (3:40)
  • No practice Tuesday morning
  • Tuesday Meet at North Glenmore, 4:30
  • Return to regular practice on Thursday morning 8:30


Congratulations to the record number of students who came to the volleyball tryouts this week; teams are in the final stages of being finalized. All four volleyball team scheduled practices and games have been included in the calendar from September to November, which can be accessed through the following link, below.  Note that as a one-time change, Senior Boys will be practicing this Thursday morning instead of after school, and Junior Boys will be practicing after school:


Girls Soccer, all games start at 4:30 pm.

Monday, Sept. 20 vs. Fairview at Fairview
Wednesday, Sept. 22 at John Ware
Monday, Sept. 27 at McKenzie Highlands
Wednesday, Oct. 6 vs. Dr. George Stanley at DGS
Wednesday, Oct. 20 – Playoff Date
Monday, Oct. 25 – Playoff Date
Wednesday, Oct. 27 – Playoff Date

Boys Soccer, all game start at 4:30 pm

Tuesday, Sept. 21 at John Ware
Thursday, Sept. 23 vs. Fairview at Fairview
Thursday, Oct. 7 at Dr. George Stanley
Thursday, Oct. 14 vs. Mckenzie Highlands @ Mckenzie Highlands
Thursday, Oct. 21 – Playoff Date
Tuesday, Oct. 26 – Playoff Date
Thursday, Oct. 28 – Playoff Date

Please see the Woodman Athletics D2L shell for all further details.

If any parent has the skill, time, and interest in coaching a school team this year, please email Mr. Gordon ( to receive more information.

This year in Woodman Athletics we are shifting our approach to athletics to better meet the needs of our students.  As a school we are always looking for new and innovative ways to better support the learning of all students and we are applying that to our athletics program. This year teams will be split into two streams.

Junior Varsity

In this stream we will maintain our interscholastic competitive teams. These teams will be run the same as in previous years but rather than limit teams to specific grades we will  allow for all eligible students to the tryout (Grade 6-9). This team will then compete with other schools teams in the Calgary Middle Level School Amateur Athletics (CMLSAA) interscholastic division. The season of play will include practices each week, CMLSAA games or meets and additional opportunities such as tournament or dual meets when offered. These teams will have a restricted number of players.

Junior Development

In this stream the students who want to participate, and are willing to commit to a school season of play, we will offer a competitive in-house development league. The purpose of this league will be to offer students the opportunity to learn and develop their skills with knowledgeable coaches and apply their learning to competitive game situations. This league will also eliminate the necessity to “cut” interested players to fill the limited number of spots on a traditional junior team. As there will not be a restriction on the number of participants in this program all students will have the opportunity to learn, train, and compete in an environment focused on growth. Similar to the Varsity program there will be mandatory practices each week, competitive games and a tournaments or meets when available.

If you have questions about this please contact the PE team:  Mr. Taylor or Mrs. Boldon.

the PE Team

Woodman Teams

Cross Country

  • No Cut Varsity Team


  • Girls and Boys Varsity team to compete at the CMLSAA Senior Level
  • Junior Development Teams


  • No Cut Varsity Team


  • Girls and Boys Varsity team to compete at the CMLSAA Senior Level
  • Junior Development Teams


  • Junior (Grades 6 & 7), Intermediate (Grade 8) and Senior (Grade 9) Teams to Compete in the CMLSAA divisional Meets
  • Junior Development Teams

Track and Field

  • Junior Varsity (Grade 6), Junior (Grade 7), Intermediate (Grade 8) and Senior (Grade 9) Teams to Compete in the CMLSAA divisional Meets
  • No Junior Varsity team due to the size of the team we are able to take to the Divisional Meet.  
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