From parent/guardian volunteers and committee members to corporate sponsors, we are grateful for the support that our students, schools and system receive from our city. By working together, we make a difference for our school and our students. Visit the CBE website to learn more about how you can get involved.​​

Get Involved

Successful, effective schools achieve a strong triangle between the home, the student and the school.  We know that good communication and positive relationships between parents and the school will result in a better education for students.  Here are some ways for families to become involved:

School Council / Parent Society

School Council functions to provide meaningful parent input into the affairs of the school.  The council serves as a communication mechanism between school and parents.  We have an annual general meeting (AGM) in October of each year to elect the new executive.  Please consider joining the council – every month (Tuesdays) or as a drop in.  Families will enjoy an insider’s view of how the school functions and get to know some other parents in the school community.  For the 2023-2024 school year, October to April meetings will be held virtually in order to promote increased participation levels. The first and last meetings of the year (September and May) will be in-person and informal in nature, in order for parents to socialize and get to know one another. There is no council meeting in December. All parents/guardians of Woodman students are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings.

Woodman Music Parents’ Association

The Woodman Music Parents’ Association (WMPA) is a vital group of parents who advocate and fundraise for the music program at the school. The group is open to all interested parents and meets every two months, usually on Wednesday. The group creates and oversees fundraising events that complement those of the Woodman Parent Society. These funds off-set the many costs of running a music program at the school, including festivals, performances, instrument purchases, and field trips.

Parent Volunteers

We welcome and encourage parents’ involvement and help in the office, library, sports teams, computer lab, classrooms, field trips, etc.  Research shows that students whose parents are involved in different aspects of school life achieve more in school. If families are interested in volunteering some of their time, please call the school. Having a volunteer coordinator would be a great asset to our school. If interested in that position, please contact the office in September.  We do require that parents/legal guardians have a current police check that has been conducted for the CBE. If they have had one completed at another school within the past 5 years, they do not need to complete another one.   In rare occasions more information is required (e.g. fingerprinting). This could cause security clearances to take longer to process.  It is highly advisable to fill out a volunteer registration form at the very beginning of the year, to be  prepared for September volunteering opportunities, such as field trips and coaching athletic sports. 

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