​Our school offers options to suit our students’ unique learning needs, interests and abilities. All of our courses follow the Alberta Programs of Study​

Complementary Courses

Students in Grade 5-6 explore a variety of offerings from the Career Technology Foundations program of studies, including Music and Art.  This provides them with a strong base of skills prior to launching into more sophisticated skill development in the Complementary courses offered in Grade 7-9.

Complementary courses in Grade 7, 8, and 9 include: 

Art (Fee: $30) Student will explore fundamentals of both 2D and 3D Art. Through drawing, students will explore various materials. Painting will provide students with the opportunity to create using acrylic and/or watercolor paint. In addition, 3D sculptural components will be explored through clay work. Art is all about experimenting; students should not feel like they need “artistic talent” in order to excel in Art!

Band (Fees: $100 + Field Trips) Band, or Instrumental Music, offers students more than just the opportunity to learn and play wind and percussion instruments. It is a space where students can feel supported as part of a unique group and thrive, expressing themselves through multiple performance opportunities. Highlights of the year include the Winter and Spring concerts, the Alberta International Band Festival, Band Camp, work with professional musicians, and many other opportunities to demonstrate the leadership, responsibility, and teamwork that band fosters. Students who choose Band need to also understand that practice at home and attendance at morning rehearsals outside of regular school hours is also required.

Communication Technology (Fee: $10) Communication and Technology provides students with a hands-on introduction to the basic principles and skills of photography, visual layout, and design. Students discover the impact of various media and develop fundamental skills to relay a message effectively using several forms of visual media. Students will develop photography skills, as well as using different software applications for photo editing and writing.

Design Studies (Fee: $20) In Design studies, students will develop their skills in designing and building products in response to challenges. They will plan, create and test prototypes they produce using various constructions materials and a 3D printer. Grade 7 students will primarily focus on learning the skills needed to effectively use the technology to create products while developing their understanding of design theory. Students will also work on enhancing their digital literacy through various computer applications and programs as well as an introduction to coding. 

Environmental and Outdoor Education (Fees: Field Trips) Environmental and Outdoor Education (ENVOE) is designed for students interested in learning lifestyle strategies that foster contact with the natural world, encourage responsibility for local and global environments, and encourage living in harmony with others. Students will learn through a variety of different tasks including: journaling, outdoor investigations, outdoor culinary skills, survivor challenges, researching green technologies and alternatives, and discovering how to live sustainably.

Foods (Fee: $30) Students will have the opportunity to make a variety of healthy and delicious foods while examining the role of food, looking beyond consumption to production, visual appreciation, nutrition, meal planning, menu planning, budget, sales, and preparation. Students will also learn about teamwork in the kitchen, kitchen safety, and the safe use of appliances.

Performing Arts Performing is designed to introduce students to the concept of performance and to provide opportunities for students to develop performance skills in a variety of Fine Arts disciplines. This course provides the opportunity for collaboration between disciplines as an inherent component of performance. The teacher will select units of study that are responsive to the needs and desires of students.

Training for Excellence in Sport (Fees: Field Trips) Training for Excellence in Sport (TES) provides opportunities for students to develop and refine competencies that focus on personal development and responsible citizenship through sport. Students develop: leadership and citizenship competencies, athletic and teamwork skills, as well as personal fitness and conditioning. Students will explore what it takes to balance a student athlete lifestyle focusing on exercise physiology, nutrition, time management, and recovery tactics.

Other complementary courses available only in Grade 9 include: 

Guitar (Fee: $50) Guitar extends the creative avenues available for students to learn how to express themselves musically and make meaning from listening to music. Music is a wide-ranging artistic field and Guitar gives students the opportunity to learn instrumental technique, concepts, and theory applied to both classical and modern musical forms.

Leadership Leadership allows students to develop a positive school culture and plan school events, that teaches students the power of collaborative teams, and that focuses on the betterment of communities. These leadership and service experiences help students to understand that leadership includes both the ability to lead and to follow.

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