Smoke-Free Policy

In accordance with CBE Administrative Regulation Policy AR 4024, all schools and school property are smoke-free environments for students and staff. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the property of William Taylor Learning Centre & George Wood Learning Centre.

We are prepared to support all students and/or their families with smoking cessation resources. We ask parents and caregivers not to send students with cigarettes, ecigarettes or vapes. Any student found smoking cigarettes, vaping or e-cigarettes on school property could be charged by our School Resource Officer under the Smoke-Free Places Act of Alberta.

Confiscated Materials

In accordance with CBE Administrative Regulation 6014, school staff who find a student’s use or possession of an item to be interfering with instruction or with the safe and orderly conduct of school, may confiscate the item. This includes electronic devices like cell phones and iPods.

Confiscated drugs, alcohol, tobacco or weapons will be given to the School Resource Officer. Other items will be sent to the Main Office, registered and will be available to the owner at the end of the school day or will be retained by the school until a parent or guardian picks up the item.

Drugs and Alcohol

William Taylor & George Wood Learning Centre are committed to creating a healthy environment for learning and teaching. The illegal possession and/or use of alcohol and drugs is not compatible with a healthy learning environment and with effective learning. 

Students must not have active contact with, have possession of, and/or make use of alcohol or illegal drugs before, during or after the school day or in the context of any school activity. “Active contact” includes willingly and knowingly being in the company of others who are in possession of, or who are making use of, alcohol and/or illegal drugs. The School Resource Officer could be involved. Parents/Guardians will be contacted if students are presumed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol to create a safe ride home. We are prepared to support all students and/or their families with drug or alcohol cessation supports and resources. 


The parents of any students involved in any loss of or damage to school property are financially responsible. All instances of vandalism are reported and investigated. A referral may be made to our School Resource Officer.

Weapons Policy

Possession of or active contact with a weapon, or an item that can be altered and used as a weapon, on a student’s person or in a student’s locker or desk are grounds for student suspension and could lead to expulsion. A referral may be made to a School Resource Officer. 

Expectations on Charter Buses

When travelling to and from school, students are expected to abide by all expectations for student behaviour that are adhered to within the school. We ask that all members of the school community demonstrate courtesy and respect for others and make a positive contribution to the school community. 

Students who do not follow the appropriate code of conduct will be subject to progressive discipline action, which may result in the termination of bus use privileges.

Students are expected to ride the charter bus to and from school each day. Exceptions can be made when the parent/guardian contacts the school prior to notify us when alternate transportation has been arranged in to order to excuse the charter bus transportation. 

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