Program, Focus & Approach

At William Taylor Learning Centre, we strive to be a welcoming, caring, respectful space for youth and their families to connect to learning. We are a treatment-based school that incorporates research about adolescent brain development and trauma-informed practice in order to support youth with removing barriers to personal and academic success. 

Students and their families can expect to work in collaboration with teachers, school support counselors, clinicians and family support counselors to encourage personal growth and the development of learning plans.

Unlike a typical junior high or high school setting, students are expected to engage in small groups or individual counseling to support positive self-regulation skills and pro-social adolescent skill development. In addition, our Family Support Counselor provides in-home support to enhance and support the development and wellbeing of healthy families.

Research indicates that parental/guardian involvement in the education and personal development of youth is critical to their success. Therefore, we look forward to working together in partnership. 

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